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Organizations traditionally have had a clear distinction between their policies on diversity and inclusion and their talent management. The main driving force behind diversity and inclusion has been being seen to be a good employer, to be able to make claims in the annual report and to feel as though a positive contribution is being made to society. On the other hand, talent management activities have been driven by a real business need to ensure that the organization has the right people with the right skills in the right place to drive operational success. Inclusive Talent Management aligns talent management and diversity and inclusion, offering a fresh perspective on why the current distinction between them needs to disappear. Featuring case studies from internationally recognised brands such as Goldman Sachs, Unilever, KPMG, Hitachi, Oxfam and the NHS.

Diversity is definitely a very now buzz word, but it is also a smart and logical concept to have in mind. Is your company full of people just like you? From the same school, college, rugby team as you? Are these also the same type of people who are your customers too? Chances are your customers may be a more diverse bunch of people, so therefore it makes sense to have a wide range of people on your team to know how to sell to the big, diverse, different world out there.

The authors use a lot of good case studies from a wide range of globally known companies. This in of itself is a positive thing because it suggests that these companies are at least aware of the challenges they face. There are also very good business reasons why having an inclusive talent management approach will be better for your business. Despite this human nature can be very suspicious and reluctant to recruit from beyond their own comfort zone. Hopefully this book might inspire people, bosses, and companies to understand the reasons why this is both in their own interests, and those of the wider community too.

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