By @SimonCocking, Selling to the point reviewed, by  Jeffrey Lipsius Award Winning Author, Speaker, Trainer, President of Selling To The Point, LLC A based approach for developing customer-awareness. Book available here.

If you are a salesperson, Selling To The Point can radically improve the way you work. The book begins by showing that the whole idea of “selling” something to someone is over, finished, dead. Yes, it might be true that using your old ways, your buyer might eventually purchase something. But have you noticed how hard that’s getting?
The problem is not about you. The fact is, this is a new world. In Selling To The Point, Jeffrey Lipsius reveals what your buyers really need from you in this new world–even if they don’t know how to ask. Lipsius removes most of the old unquestioned assumptions basic to traditional sales training. Instead, you will learn to see your professional life in a new and refreshing way. Before long, you too will think of “selling” as a completely outmoded way of working. Instead, you will be focused on the Point of selling.

Explaining sales via a story can be a tricky path to follow, as you know all the content is there for a reason, to illustrate a sales technique. Coming from having seen many Startups pitching their concepts recently however, there are some useful lessons that potential entrepreneurs could use. The examples given do illustrate about how pushy salespeople actually hinder their ability to develop longer term business relationships with potential ongoing customers.

You might be able to get in and brow beat a customer to buy something that they don’t really need. This is not going to lead to any repeat sales. Therefore the whole idea is of trying to get out of the way of the conversation, and actually listen to what the needs, hopes and fears of your potential customer are. This way you can help them to make a decision that everyone is happy with. You might then feel that this is manipulating the customer, but ideally your product is good enough, and robust enough that it can actually meet their needs. If it is, then you are on the road to a successful and long(er) term business relationship, which might just be to everyone’s benefit. In this way it is an interesting book, and something worth thinking on a little longer than you might have.

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