By @SimonCocking. Review of the MGCool Action Camera. 

We are living in interesting, changing times. As mentioned in the recent book we reviewed ‘Created in China’, China is now becoming a major source of innovation instead of merely just copying designs from elsewhere in the world. This should not come as a major surprise, when you consider that for the last decade and longer, Apple and many other leading global brands have been building their hardware there anyway.

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The MGCool Action Camera sits somewhere in the middle. The price is significantly less than it’s rivals, with it currently listed on their site at $69.99, which would put it at around €200 or more less than some other similar cameras we have reviewed recently. Of course, the next question is whether the quality is comparable.


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At times the images can seem a little bleached out, it’s also not a fan of indoors shots, and the audio might not be super amazing. Despite these constraints, it is probable that the quality with only improve, rapidly, and the quality is good enough to at least capture what is happening around you. The controls work well, and the 170-degree lens feels like a relief after the excessive fisheye perspective of its top of the line competitor.

20150212_091116a You can see from the pictures captured that scrambling on rocks is not a problem with a camera this light and portable. The video too isn’t bad, and again for the price that it is, you can be more flexible, and less traumatised if something did happen to it.

It will be interesting to see how it performs in the water, and with partial submersion, we left that to last, just in case it is the last thing it does, however, the casing seems exactly the same as those we have used for other devices so it should be fine. At this price too, it opens up the possibility of running multiple devices, which will increase the creativity of what it is possible to film and document. It’s clear this isn’t the last we will see from MGCool and it promises to be an interesting company to watch.

Created in China, how China is becoming a global innovator, reviewed

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