By @SimonCocking. Another great month, our core team of writers all received twitter blue tick verification to accompany the @Irish_TechNews twitter account as well. Thanks as always to our readers for reading and engaging with the content, and also contributing too! Here’s to a good summer, to keep working away, recharging the batteries and then go supernova by the autumn!

Singapore: Smart Cities, Startups and Innovation, some key takeaways for startups

How to inspire entrepreneurial communities in the 21st century, by Eoin Costello

Egis & 33entrepreneurs reward Faxi and Vivacity Labs, two promising startups in the mobility industry

Indie Bio’s Ron Shigeta gives startup tips and insights for aspiring biochemist entrepreneurs

Looking for big picture solutions to global challenges, Mike Hinchey, UL to chair global event in Costa Rica

When social media meets the Internet of Things. Is social keeping global IoT adoption from its tipping point?

Launch’d summit June 18th – helping technology innovators from idea generation to idea execution

We’ve identified over 25 use cases for blockchain in financial services. Mariano Belinky Managing Partner, Santander InnoVentures

9 Businesses to watch out for. May Business Showcase Highlights

How to break out of your existing world into a new and powerful new reality. Bill Liao at Launch’d, June 18th RDS

The do’s and don’t of Facebook advertising by Siobhan Scanlon

Review of The leader’s guide to negotiation by Simon Horton,

Are you one of Ireland’s top FinTech20 companies? Apply to be on the first Irish FinTech20 list

What is Coder Dojo? Wayne Murphy, a Coder Dojo Champion explains

Sports and Tech 16 coming to Ireland in October, Rob Hartnett explains more

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