By @SimonCocking. Quick catch up with Rob Hartnett one of the organisers of the Sports & Tech 16, which will take place on October 17th and 18th at the RDS.

What inspired you to run the event?

We work in the zone where technology is transforming sport and where sport is shaping the technology that we will be using tomorrow. There is a real energy about the way the two sectors have come together. We wanted to bring a world class event to Ireland where the decision makers and the players of the future could learn from each other and accelerate what they are doing now and next.

What can people look forward to at it?

We will have the people that are shaping the future of sport, coming to Dublin to share their visions. Mounir Zok, the Head of Technology and Innovation for the US Olympic Committee will be fresh from Rio and sharing what he learnt. Jamie Heaslip for the home team and investors from the US, UK, Italy, Israel and further afield will be there to look, to assist and to make things happen. We will have leaders in football, rugby, golf, e-sports, cycling and tennis, coming together to look into what sport will look like in the future.

Sport + tech has great potential, in what aspects is Ireland doing well?

We have a technology savvy workforce and a curiosity about how change can make things better. We are also sports mad and passionate about being as good as we can be whether that’s in a boxing ring, on a racecourse or at the Olympics. People like coming to Dublin.

What trends are you excited about for the future?

How we measure activity and performance will change the way we treat our bodies and our health. It will transform healthcare from treatment to prevention. It can make the impossible seem closer and the ways in which we consume sport as fans is daily changing the way that entertainment is developing.

How much is real time feedback influencing live sport? What sort of impact might it have on on-the field spontaneity versus data driven decisions?

There has always been a tension between the gut and the brain. The magic of individual flair versus the power of preparation. Sport is about tiny gains on the edges in order to be better than was ever thought possible. Technology doesn’t change that, it enables it like never before.

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