Today’s Business Showcase feature is on Dedicated Server and Private Cloud provider Servergate. We spoke with Wojtek Szpunar from Servergate to find out more about the company.

Hi Wojtek. Can you explain to our readers what services Servergate offers?

Servergate is a Dedicated Server and Private Cloud provider and we specialise in both fields. When you are looking for any type of server for your application we will do our best to suit your needs. We can offer servers as simple as single unmanaged dedicated machines, managed or unmanaged single dedicated machine with pre-installed Virtual Environment allowing our clients better utilise available resources up to a Private Dedicated Enterprise Cloud where our customers will have a full Cloud Environment.

When People think of Cloud they might think “this will be beyond my budget”. Servergate is here to change that. We offer Cloud Solutions which can be both cheap and efficient and still deliver very similar options to a high end Cloud environment.
Depending on what size and budget our clients have, we can always find a way to deliver the best suited Cloud environment for their needs. Starting from Open Source projects to Enterprise level Clouds based on VMware.
Apart from the above we also provide Web Security Software along with VMware vSphere Backup solutions.

Who are your target market?

Our target market varies from a single Web Developer starting out all the way up to Enterprise level companies requiring either additional computing power or Cloud Services.
These days all IT based business and applications need servers to operate. Whether you’re a Startup, developer, web designer, SME or Corporation you will always find the service you need from Servergate.


When was the company launched?

Servergate was established April 2015 and started trading December 2015.

Can you tell me about the team behind Servergate?

Our team is built from experienced technical people with a Systems Administration background who have spent the last 10+ years delivering products to the most demanding customers. Our team is young and energetic, always happy to deal with any project or customer problem.

Where are you based and what markets will you be operating in?

Servergate is a Dublin based company and we are aiming to provide services to Irish and UK based customers initially.
In the next phase we aim to expand into additional countries in the EU and the United States.


What can you offer clients that your competitors can’t?

Servergate was based on idea of providing a One Stop Shop for people who are looking to have operations in multiple different countries. If your application has clients in many different destinations we can provide you with a server closest to your market.
By ordering servers from Servergate you can order them from anywhere in the world all under one account and with one single bill.

Servergate also provides something we call Intelligent Server.
One major problem any startup or web developer is facing is budget. These days many companies are providing virtual servers for a fraction of the price of dedicated servers. People think that getting a dedicated server is not necessary at the stage they are at and that they can just get a couple of smaller cheap Virtual Machines. What we are saying is that you can do same with a dedicated server and you are in charge of how resources are split on your server which not only gives you more flexibility, but cost savings as well. Plus you do not share hardware with unknown 3rd parties due to fact you are in control of both the Dedicated Server and your Virtual environment.
From there you can easily migrate this server to the next stage cloud environment when needed. This gives you an easy way to grow by just adding a new server or migrating to a private infrastructure.


Why will Servergate do well?

We believe that helping customers from the very beginning of their business will create trust with us and trust is very important in this line of business. For instance, you need to be sure that your Application is live and operational. You want to be sure that any faults will be discovered quickly and fixed in shortest possible time.
If you can work with a company which always puts their customer needs first, delivers on everything it’s promising and is always there when you need them, why would you change?

What has been the most difficult part of your journey so far?

I believe the most difficult part was getting exposure and market recognition. Today, IT and Cloud Services are biggest thing in market. Getting your product out there I believe is most challenging for every single company in the world.
I believe working with many partners around Globe is quite challenging as well. We deliver products located in many locations, which is challenging, but we do it so our customers can sleep with peace of mind knowing that their products are safe and secure.

What’s the best way for people to get in contact and find out more?

First point of contact is our website where you can create an enquiry. Secondly you can always reach us on email: [email protected] or by phone: 01 619 0600

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with me on [email protected]

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