By @SimonCocking at Clontarf Castle in Dublin last week Egis, SigFox and 33entrepreneurs rewarded two innovative startups with €20,000 plus the opportunity to test their concept with Egis.

Egis— an international group offering engineering, project structuring and operations services —asked 33entrepreneurs to run its first step of an ambitious strategy of Open Innovation to stimulate innovation in mobility.

This competition was a first edition and first contact opportunity with startups,” says Cédric Pasquier, innovation director at Egis Road Operation. “This summer, we will dedicate a full-time staff to track startups in Ireland and in the UK, and ensure the deployment of the concepts identified during the competition.” For Steve Preece, Managing Director at Egis Projects Ireland, “this is the perfect opportunity to spread innovative solutions beyond our fundamental business of infrastructure operator. We want to improve the experience of our users and create more value for our customers, the infrastructure owners. ”

International startup accelerator, 33entrepreneurs, identified 340 startups in the mobility industry in the UK and Ireland. The 100 most innovative startups were analyzed in detail and the 20 best were invited to pitch in front of Egis, SigFox and 33entrepreneurs. Two winners were chosen FAXI and VIVACITY LABS to win each:
• a cash price of €10,000.
• a partnership to test the deployment of their solution with Egis.


Both startups have convinced the jury, composed of Steve Preece (Managing Director Egis Projects Ireland), Cédric Pasquier (Innovation Director Egis Road Operation), Mark Bannon (SNO SigFox Ireland), Timo Hoffmann (Product Marketing Manager, EMEA at Miovision), Simon Cocking (Senior Chief Editor at Irish Tech News), Vincent Pretet (founder and CEO at 33entrepreneurs) and Davy Samba (Head of Corporate Services 33entrepreneurs).


“At 33entrepreneurs we are thrilled to support Egis in its open innovation approach, firstly in Ireland and the UK. After the identification of relevant startups, we will enter into a proof of concept phase. Faxi and Vivacity Labs will have the opportunity to test their services over 180,000 drivers and 650 km of motorways. If the results are favourable, the startups will become one of Egis innovative suppliers.” —Vincent Pretet.

FAXI is a London-based startup specialized in car-pooling among employees or members of a same community. Already integrated to several thousand employees of three British hospitals, this iOS and Android application certifies that the passengers are in a real carpooling situation. Faxi allows customers to enjoy free access to the best parking spaces, pre-booked, in the parking lot of their employer.

Founded in 2015 in London, VIVACITY LABS analyses real-time traffic through CCTV in order to improve road safety. The deep-learning algorithms for image recognition provide real-time information about traffic conditions. The service allows customers to monitor—in real time and without human intervention—road user behavior, to optimize traffic and improve safety.

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