By @SimonCocking. We all know awards can be a bit subjective, nice to win, but more important to focus on the key things that will make your business a success or not => in our case creating good, readable content, and making sure it reaches the right audiences. That said it is still nice, fun, and a great validation for all of the team when you do gain recognition from your peers and your readers. Thanks again for everyone who voted for us, or even simply checked out our site and read / listened to some of our stories. Onward and upward! Packing now for Moscow & Tel Aviv to cover robotics, VR, and Irish Startups pitching to Israeli investors. Look forward to bringing back any relevant interesting stories.

IoT, future trends and what to get excited about. Denis Canty, Tyco Innovation Garage

What is data ethics? Aurelie Pols, top data expert explains more

Lightbulbs, Alarm clocks & Smart Phones. The Evolution of Insomnia by Justin Lawler

The art of the nudge : unlocking your hidden potential. Reviewed

Entrepreneurs Anonymous offering €5000 for any startups receiving Enterprise Ireland CSF grants

Data security is a continual process. Useful insights from Jonathan Armstrong, compliance and technology laywer

Drones Data X conference returns to Ireland for 2016 edition

Using social media for successful technical recruiting, insights from Joe Burridge, Hudl recruiter

Cybersecurity is a global challenge, data security insights with Eric Vanderburg

Anna Scheller coming to Ireland for Women’s Inspire Network, October 5th

Reading is not dead. 21 interesting tech and business books worth checking out.

Adtech insights, and the challenges and opportunities of opening an Asian operation in Singapore, James Lyon, Ultimate Asset

SELL something before trying to raise external funding, startup insights from Mike Briercliff

Is Brexit good or bad news for UK FinTech? By Alessandro Hatami

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