By @SimonCocking. Latest news from Entrepreneurs Anonymous (EntAnon) who we featured yesterday in Business Showcase. 

The 6 year old grassroots, entrepreneurs events organisation EntAnon (Entrepreneurs Anonymous), with over 5 000 active members in Ireland, has decided to double down on its investment in the Irish scene by supporting companies participating in the Competitive Startup Fund (CSF) worth €50,000 provided by Enterprise Ireland.

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Any members of Entrepreneurs Anonymous who successfully apply for CSF funding by 21st of September, will receive another €5,000 investment from EntAnon on similar terms to Enterprise Ireland. The first €25 000 of CSF are to be released to successful applicants after another investment of €5,000 is secured by the founder.

This will allow founders to immediately release the first €25,000 of CSF funding, thus helping to focus on building their ideas instead of spending time finding an extra €5,000 from other investors. Ireland’s startup scene is growing faster than ever due to the amazing work being done by Enterprise Ireland through CSF, and EntAnon urges its members to consider CSF as the launch ramp for their startup idea. The initiative will commence with the upcoming General CSF call ending on September 21st, and any successful application by an EntAnon member is eligible to receive their €5,000, pending approval.

Full house at Entrepreneurs Anonymous event with BoI

Members of EntAnon who are interested in applying for CSF, are invited to contact EntAnon’s Head of Member Success, Maximilian Thiel through [email protected] or via LinkedIn.

About Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Entrepreneurs Anonymous is a community of likeminded business people where founders, both new and experienced, can connect, learn and get inspired. EntAnon started as an accountability group by former students of an entrepreneurship course in Dublin and has evolved into a pan European coalition where members can meet on a regular basis and explore entrepreneurship together.

Silviu Preoteasa and Maximilian Thiel from Entrepreneurs Anonymous supporting business comes rain or shine. Photo- Katya Koliban

About Competitive Startup Fund and Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. The purpose of the Competitive Start Fund is to accelerate the growth of startup companies that have the capability to succeed in global markets. A call for applications for those active in the Manufacturing & Internationally Traded Services sectors including the following sub­sectors: Internet, Games, Apps, Mobile, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Lifesciences, Cleantech and Industrial Products will open on Wednesday 21st September 2016 and will close at 3pm on Wednesday. 

For more information and to apply see here.

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