By @SimonCocking review of Mindfulness and the art of change by choice by Philip Cox-Hynd. Available from Amazon here

Mindfulness changes your brain in 8 weeks. It’s linked to increased employee job performance ratings. As a form of meta-awareness or self-observation, it affects reasoning and decision-making. It also increases readiness to take greater responsibility at work, and it helps people respond calmly rather than react defensively. The boost it gives to results can come as no surprise. Mindfulness has also been associated with a reduction in stress and anxiety. These are emotions that arise when you change management culture, working processes, structure and strategy. Philip Cox-Hynd lays out his mindfulness-led methodology for smoothly managing change both in what is done (strategy and processes) and in how it’s done (mindset and culture). He explains in detail how to display the kind of radical leadership that results in your colleagues driving change with the fervour of a hunter and the astuteness that mindfulness brings. He uses case histories such as Pfizer where he was the lead change consultant on the Viagra project, helping to get Viagra to market nine months ahead of schedule. He also talks about Ella’s Kitchen, the baby and toddler food company. He reveals how he used a technique he calls “orchestrated disruption” to enable staff to own, drive and even seek accountability for the change-for-growth programme that led to the very successful sale of the company. This book is for CEOs and C-Suite Executives who want to manage change with the full and active support of their colleagues.

Mindfulness definitely seems to be a topical term. As we move towards more and more automation, are we reaching the point that the jobs that remain are more meaningful and engaging for us humans? Maybe, hopefully, perhaps? The book begins with a very full on and slightly shocking example of someone refusing to just accept what life puts their way. The author’s point though is clear, we can all still have a choice in our actions, and the lives we chose to lead. There is always an option, and fortunately for those of us not in really dire, extreme situations, our choices are more actionable and can make an impact on our lives.

Personally we have become aware of the importance to keep looking at everything you do and engage with, and to strip out those that demand the most of our time with the least appreciation of who we are and the value you deliver. Always too, once you remove the tyre kickers and the time wasters, time and time again it leads to working on better paid contracts with people who actually value your talents. In this context mindfulness is part of this personal growth and self awareness. We read and reviewed the book, rather than following all of the activities and exercises in this book, but if you do, and it is at the right time in your life, then this could be a very empowering book to read.

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