Latest interesting podcast guest post by Ken Herron and Carol McManus, see more pieces by Ken for Irish Tech News here. Image from pixabay here.

Why Microsoft Bought the Cow When They Wanted the MilkIt seems the question on everyone’s mind is WHY did Microsoft spend so much money for LinkedIn and what are they expecting as the justifiable outcome? Tune in to Social Solutions with @kenherron and @linkedinlady for a lively discussion about the recent news.  We will also take a moment to share our thoughts on proper social response and etiquette when a tragedy strikes before it turns into a marketing disaster for you.

Big event this week is the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Tons of news and some really intriguing introductions on the horizon. Continuing with important topics, we’ll remind you about the Twitter password leak and what you should be doing about it; specific instructions on how easy it is to live stream using Persiscope; and we’ll share some interesting research that was done in the field of neuromarketing and how applying the suggestions we will share will amplify your social media messages.

The Internet of Things (IoT) for Business

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