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Today is an exciting day for Social Solutions. While Ken Herron is off gallivanting around the globe, Carol McManus tends the microphone with special guest, Sudha Jamthe. She is a globally recognized Entrepreneurial Mobile Product leader with 20-plus years of experience building consumer mobile and ecommerce products. She loves guiding the next wave of technology to form entrepreneurial ecosystems and new business disruptions.

Sudha is an instructor at Stanford continuing education school. She is a champion for girls who code and hosts mentor programs for girls at devcamps and hackathons. She has been a venture mentor at MIT and Director at Bay Area, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ Meetups.  She also actively contributes to Techcrunch, Mashable, Gigaon, and Venturebeat. Sudha also serves on the advisory board for Blockchain University and Barcelona Technology School.

The author of The Internet of Things Business Primer and most recently, IoT Disruptions 2020: Getting to the Connected World of 2020 with Deep Learning IoT. On today’s show we’ll be discussing her current interest in the evolved junction of IoT and AI in the new area of Cognitive IoT – this includes self-driving cars, robots, drones, and bots.

When she isn’t chasing self-driving cars and taking selfies with Robots, she produces shows for her new YouTube channel called Machinebots where she interviews intelligent machines. And of course I’ll ask her to share how she uses social media and what tips she has for our listeners to grow their own businesses.

Are Chatbots Smarter than Humans?

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