Great guest post by Denis Lucey, Vice President, Dell Support & Deployment Services and site leader at Dell’s campus in Cherrywood, Co. Dublin

Every single interaction between a business and its customers is an opportunity to build loyalty. In an organisational context, it can be easy to forget that and break up the customer experience according to company departments. After all, each department is responsible for a key piece of the customer journey.  For example, the marketing team aims to catch the eye of potential customers, sales and account management focus on turning leads into concrete results, and customer support manages any issues that arise.

However, if we are to deliver a quality customer experience, we have to ensure the experience, including all communication, is consistent every step of the way. After all, when we speak with a single voice, our customers get to know us and build a deeper, loyal relationship with us over time. Unless the customer experience lives up to the promises of the brand, all other strategic considerations are secondary.

So how can businesses make the customer experience they deliver a great one?

At Dell, we’ve found it all comes back to people. It’s about empowering leaders within the business who have the potential to embed our values in the wider team. And it’s about capitalising on every opportunity we have to interact with the customer as a means of reinforcing the brand and the value the company brings to its customers.

Technology is also a great asset. Today, we hosted 60 members of our business community and showed them how technology is transforming the way we serve our customers. We see it as an enabler – coming to the fore when customers want to connect with us on new platforms like social media, or to help our teams detect and solve customer issues before they are even aware of a problem.

We’re very proud to share we were recently recognised at the Irish Customer Contact & Shared Services Awards for our innovative approach to delivering a customer experience.

But our efforts won’t stop there – we are always open to listening and discovering new ways we can serve our customers. I am interested in learning, how has your company heeded the call to serve your customers?

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