By @SimonCocking. We have recently featured a few pieces on Biohacking and the Quantified Self, so we’re delighted to bring you this interview with one of the leaders of the biohacking movement Dave Asprey Biohacker. Wrote the NYT Bestseller . Created. CEO @bpnutrition. See more on his blog here.

What is your background briefly?

I started out as Tech Entrepreneur working in Silicon Valley in my twenties and that’s where my biohacking journey began. At the time I was suffering from multiple issues such as brain fog and arthritis as well as constantly battling with my weight. So the engineer in me not only wanted to address these but also become ‘better’ in all areas, be that a better entrepreneur and later, a better husband and father. I became dedicated to using hacking techniques and trying out everything on myself to discover how to do this. What emerged is the idea of being “Bulletproof”, the state of high performance where you take control of your own biochemistry to be the best version of yourself.

On my biohacking journey, I developed Bulletproof Coffee (in 2004) and launched it into the US in 2010. Since then, we have grown into more than just Bulletproof Coffee; we have a podcast, a best-selling diet book, and cookbook, nutrition products, an online resource and much more. We also launched this year into the Republic of Ireland.

Looking back, do your past and present seem like a logical/natural fit? I.e. Tech Entrepreneur to becoming the CEO of a high-performance brand.

I guess so – the years of research (and self-experimentation) that are required to create a platform like Bulletproof takes the patience and dedication of someone who is used working on development in their everyday life. I spent 15 years and over 300,000 dollars in the process, but that’s not to say that those without my background can’t bio-hack their way to being better. The research has already been done by me and is available for free on the website!

You have a one minute pitch for Bulletproof Coffee, what is it, and why is it awesome?

Bulletproof Coffee is a blend of Upgraded Coffee, Upgraded™ Octane Oil and grass-fed, unsalted butter; all blended to create a beverage not too dissimilar in taste to a creamy latte. But it doesn’t just taste good – Bulletproof is scientifically proven to provide more energy, greater mental focus/clarity and support fewer food cravings. It can also aid weight loss, healthy digestion, and boost brain function and stable hormones.

What future trends are you excited about in biohacking in general?

Biohacking isn’t really a trend. It’s a way of life. But regarding developments, I’m excited to head to the annual Biohacking Conference in LA this September as it’s a great place to discover new products and practices. It’s the Santa’s Grotto of the biohacking world.

How soon do you think some of these will become common place?

Bio-hacking is already common place for a lot of people, but it’s becoming more popular as people are starting to realise that the traditional and recommended methods of self-improvement, weight-loss, health etc. don’t always work! I always advise that if something is not working for you, stop doing it and experiment until you find the things that do work. We live in a world where we need to be at our absolute best at all times, so bio-hacking is a natural evolution.

Ray Kurzweil has some strong opinions around ideas about how we may soon be able to have people living to 150 years plus. What are your thoughts on this?

Well, I’m planning to live till I’m 180 years old. And I’m not kidding about that. So I guess I’m more ambitious. Nothing else matters when you don’t have your health. But what I learned after I fixed my health was this: what we really want is to feel amazing and have boundless energy and be able to bring it all day every day. And almost no one has that. That’s how we’re supposed to feel. So why not keep living that way as long as we can?

Traditional Tibetan tea involves putting butter in their tea, did this inspire the creation of Bulletproof Coffee?

Yes. It was after trying Yak Butter tea in Tibet that I got the idea for Bulletproof Coffee. I was visiting Tibet and found myself in an unusually rugged and high altitude mountainous climate – conditions which would usually hinder one’s physical performance. It was -10°F, and I was 16,000ft high! I was served a local drink of ‘Yak Butter Tea’ and this really had a positive effect on me. The drink (made with butter, like Bulletproof Coffee) made me feel strong and rejuvenated, even though I should have been feeling exhausted. I wanted in on this for the western world, so I embarked on years of research behind the effects of butter/fat on the human body before creating Bulletproof Coffee.

Putting butter in your coffee is just one way of hacking your morning. What are you other top bio-hacks?

I have many, and they are subject to each individual of course, but some of my top advice includes:

• Focus on sleep quality not quantity. I use an app on my phone that monitors my sleep, and it wakes me when I am at the top of my sleep cycle, so I’m almost awake anyway. It allows me to monitor (and improve) the quality of my sleep so my whole day is better and without an old fashioned alarm jerking me from a deep sleep!

• Smart supplementation with vitamins and nootropics (smart drugs or nutrients that help brain function). Seriously, our food is not as full of nutrients as it used to be, and our stress is higher. Giving myself an unfair advantage by having enough nutrients doesn’t take a lot of thought. I take the supplements on my top 10 list, and a carefully crafted stack of other nutrients to best support my biochemistry.

• Eating a bunch of good fats: I don’t go a whole day without eating at least one or two delicious meals full of healthy fats – usually a combination of avocados, grass-fed butter, and Upgraded Octane oil – to feel my best. A low-fat diet or diet filled with unhealthy fats makes you weak.

Where can people try Bulletproof Coffee in Ireland?

You can now order online at

How do you manage work / life, online / offline now that we can be connected 24/7 if we’re not careful?

I manage with the help of an amazing support team. I hire rock stars – they probably know more about some work situations than I do, so I want their unvarnished opinion, which is often right. In addition, my whole life is designed to optimize my brain and body so this really helps to keep me performing to the best I can – necessary for any CEO, especially one who travels a lot. Fun fact: I travel nearly a third of the year giving talks and for meetings. During that time, my schedule looks pretty different and I rely a ton on tricks I’ve picked up from biohacking to stay sane, energized, and clear-headed even on nights of very little or no sleep.

Is there anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked you?

You’ve got the basics covered, but for anyone who wants to start biohacking or if they’re already biohacking but want to learn more, I’d encourage you to visit the blog which has tons of useful information.

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