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11 things to consider before you design and build your App

Banking with Wearables: Should the finance industry start using smart devices more?

Hack the house with Jennifer Arcuri’s latest startup, Hacker House

MyOctopus, helping extend the abilities of smart devices in the home, interviewed by Niall O’Gorman

See.Hear.Do – Alan Dargan’s review of Offset

Let bankers use social media and do more public speaking. FinTech insights from Devie Mohan, top 20 FinTech influencer

Jon Favreau says 3D is the best format to watch Jungle Book

How to deliver a killer TEDx talk. A review of “Live your talks” by Jojanneke Van Den Bosch

The fantastic world of Chris Clor. Top photographic insights from a digital master

5 predictions for the future of social media. By Kevin Ennis

FinTech is unstoppable in Singapore. Gerben Visser, Singapore FinTech Consortium

Mobile technologies have changed the way we see our world. Drone insights from Romeo Durscher, speaking at MoJo

Sprint-hi-res-1-1304x2000Review of Jake Knapp’s Sprint


Photographic insights from Michael McLaughlin, multiple IPPA award winner and new drone convert

Don Levy, from Spielberg, SONY and the Academy of Motion Pictures to AR / VR visionary. Speaking at AV/VR Innovate, April 28th

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