By @SimonCocking. Interesting update from Jennifer Arcuri, who we featured at the end of 2014.

Since I have seen you last I have recently produced a startup called Hacker House. This was born out of Innotechs event in October 2014, Legislating Lulzsec. The event was such a success that I had to put everything on hold to literally focus on security.

I had originally set out to build a piece of tech I had started called “Playbox.” (remember? 😉 ) And then just after that I started to focus directly on security–and pursuing the work that I do with hackers.

That’s where and when Hacker House was born. WE have been running community “hackthat” nights for over two years now with hackers all over the country who come and play with things… and then we make cool stuff. We play with drones, radio frequencies, lock picking, and all kind of interesting gadgets.

Trust me when I say that this will be game changing. I am focusing on building this company to address the skills gap, the commercial solution of hacking as well as to disrupt the market with innovation and products.

Intro to Hacker House:

“The Campus for next generation cyber elites.”

What is Hacker House?

Hacker House Ltd is a startup consultancy for skills training and product innovation. We champion ethics of cyber skills through the core of the business: developing innovative solutions for the security industry.

Our first product is a marketplace for cyber skills, the Hacker House Capture the Flag system [ <H/HCTF>] . This new platform takes away the sinister in hacking by allowing for the same thrill of “breaking and entering” to be done in a safe , sandbox, virtual world. Hackers are allowed to enter a market for barter with big companies who are looking for particular sets of skills and exchange off information. Hackers often times have information on bugs or exploits within major corporations but are resistant to disclose because of the impending threat of legal breach. Within the <H/HCTF> system, hackers are able to establish their value proposition to big companies who re looking for such exchange of information.

Bounty programs are equally expensive for most corporations to carry out. By allowing Hacker House platform to take away the liability and overhead associated with bounty programs, companies will be able to sign up and agree to terms to which they authorise responsible disclosure of exploitable vulnerabilities.

Hacker House is the missing link between corporates and governments and talent. We aim to rebuild the loss of trust within the communities and have started building the CTF platform to address such gaps in communication, solution, and error.

Hacker House will be hosting a live hack and live demo of the new <H/H CTF> system on the 13th of June at the opening day of the International Festival of Business.


Tickets here

April 29- May 1

Come join us for a weekend of proper, “ethical hacking” — as Hacker House and Yoti partner up to BOUNTY HACK their systems as well as develop cyber badges for schools, on request of the Duke of York, to understand the awareness and ethics of cyber security. We aim to target and champion skill, not to discourage its application. By teaching, educating and most importantly— applying impudence of the mind— the <H/H> set of challenges will better implement cyber skills online.

During this weekend, the internet community from all over the country will congregate to the Hacker House outside Manchester to work on a set of cyber skill badges as well as perform a live Bounty HACK on Yoti, the identity app. This will be the ultimate “HACK-athon” as developers, coders, and hackers — as well as corporate executives and families will come interact and “hack” with the house. Join us for a weekend of flying drones, robots, RFID reading, lock picking, radio frequencies, CCTV, and satellites. This will be the ultimate “geek meets real world business” hackathon.

Friday April 29th

12:00 Guests Arrive and Welcome Lunch

2:30 Opening remarks and speeches

3:00 Meet the Team of Hacker House: CTO, Lauri Love Introduces Hacker House Capture the Flag

3:30 Introduction of teams: Hacker House Badges
4:30 Intro to Yoti: Paco introduces the “Yoti Bounty hack”

5:00 Hackathon Begins

8:00 Dinner and Hacker House festivities

Saturday April 30th

10:00 Breakfast


4:00 Weekend BBQ , Beer Pong, Table Tennis, Billiards, Xbox, Drones, HackRF, and other hack that projects will be taking place.

Sunday May 1st

10: 00 Breakfast

2:00 Wrap up of Hackathon

4:00 Present before judging panel: Awards

6:00 Wrap

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