Viber released their app for BlackBerry some time ago but it only offered a messaging service between Viber users (akin to whatsapp). Now Viber is more known for their fast set up, free wifi/3G, calling app then they are for their messaging service and users of Android and iOS have enjoyed this  for some time. Well BlackBerry users wait no more. Finally WiFi and 3G calling has arrived to BlackBerry OS 5 and 7 devices (afraid not OS 6 for some technical reason) and it doesn’t disappoint. You just need to use another APN apart from your BlackBerry one (if over 3G) so check your service plan first before testing it out.

Call quality for me appeared very clear over my networks 3G service and my home WiFi. I suspect BlackBerry 10 users will get similar love soon from Viber but it is very welcome to see companies still developing for the older BlackBerry OS. Check it out here:

Viber for BlackBerry





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