Hot on the heels of the Google Play App refresh announced yesterday, Google have turned on their Play Music service in Ireland.

For anyone unfamiliar with Google Play Music, it is basically a service similar to iTunes which allows you purchase music from the Play Store. Music purchased is available across all of your account connected devices.

Prices seem to be ranging from between €0.99 and €1.29 for tracks with albums around the €9 mark.

One of the other features that is enabled is the ability to upload up to 20,000 of your own tracks and have them stored in the could so you can stream them to other devices.

You should be seeing a new tab for Music on your Play Store Apps now or you can also go to the online store  here.

The start page for uploading your own music can also be found on this link.

Being able to upload 20,000 songs for free is certainly a nice feature and will surely prove popular. Apple charges €25 per year to use their iTunes Match service.

Now all we need is for Google to allow access to it’s Movie, Book and Magazine libraries and we’ll be on a par with other countries!


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