Mobile Network Three announced today that they have chosen Samsung to install their 4G LTE network. As part of the agreement, Samsung will deploy LTE base stations, including all associated systems and network support services, across Three Ireland’s network nationwide, with the planned service launch in Dublin, August 2013.

Promising speeds of “up to” 100Mb/s, this is the first time we have seen a date committed to for roll out of a 4G service.


Robert Finnegan, CEO of Three Ireland, commented:

“Following on from Three’s successful win of a strong 4G spectrum portfolio in the recent LTE spectrum auction, today’s announcement marks a further milestone in our 4G roll-out strategy and further demonstrates our commitment to maintaining our No.1 leadership position in providing mobile broadband and data services to Irish consumers. We are delighted to be partnering with Samsung, market leaders in LTE solutions. Their advanced network solutions will allow us deliver a market-leading 4G experience offering faster speeds of up to 100Mbps for our customers using mobile broadband on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Customers will start to see the benefits later this year, which will open countless opportunities and will change the way people work and live allowing them to interact in a better, more efficient way.”

It is fantastic to see these services starting to roll out and it’s great news for mobile customers across Ireland as the minimum achievable speeds will be substantially higher than what they are experiencing now with improved backhaul services hopefully reducing contention.


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