Netflix a provider of on-demand Internet streaming media including movies and TV is in a unique position to be able to report on broadband speeds of ISP’s that access it’s servers world wide. Currently Netflix is available in USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden & Norway. Each month it releases data on broadband speeds and this months results are interesting.

Ireland does rank the slowest of the European countries Netflix services but only by a small bit which has to be a good thing.

At home, the fastest Irish network (fixed line) using Netflix is Magnet while Imagine is the slowest. This is interesting since up until February of this year UPC held the title of fastest network. This month (March) UPC has seen a considerable drop in its speed. There could be many reasons for this (increased numbers of slower speed UPC customers signing up to Netflix or may be technical issues we dont know) but the drop is somewhat dramatic as can be seen in the graph below. This is by now means a scientific study but it does offer some food for thought. Will UPC (generally regarded as the fastest broadband provider in Ireland) regain first place next month or is there more going on here? Time will tell. SO how fast is your broadband and do you use Netflix? Sound off in our forum.










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