Written by Alice Jones

Are you one of those people who generally think of big names when the word ‘brand’ is mentioned? You own a small business and time and again wonder how you can form a brand out of it? Many people make the mistake of believing you have to be popular, big and make millions in revenues for you to form a successful brand. Therefore, it becomes highly imperative to understand what exactly we mean when we talk of a brand. It is only then that you can start on your journey of forming a hit brand out of the confines of your small business.

According to Wikipedia, a brand would include a name, a logo or design, a term or symbol or any other special feature that sets you apart – distinguishing you from your competitors and rivals – in the eyes of your present and prospective customers. What sets you apart from the rest? What makes you the majestic white horse in a herd of dull black ones? Basically, any unique quality that your customers can only attach to you and no other business makes up your brand.

Having understood that, we can dive right in and see how you can set your business for success through powerful branding techniques.

  1. The Power in a Name

In as much as you should endeavor to come up with a simple name for your organization, it should have a different feel. More importantly, it should have a direct relation to you, and whatever it is you offer. Take for instance TEDx Talks. Whenever that’s mentioned, you most definitely know the product involves speeches and presentations in form of ‘Talks’. The brand is basically on everyone’s lips – it becomes impossible to ignore such a brand. Not only is it unique and simple but also relatable to the product being offered.

Remember, your business name is the first thing your customers will hear before they hear of you. If you form a powerful first impression, you can be sure they’ll seek to know more about you. Such is the power in a relevant name.

  1. Maximize on Your Presence

You will find Coca-Cola in your evening advertisements when you come from work. When you access Facebook, you’re sure to find an ad or video powered by Coca-Cola. Go to YouTube and Twitter; the story is the same. They are pretty much making headlines everywhere you go.

You have to make it hard for your audience to ignore you. Remember, you don’t know where your customer base lies. Therefore, you need to build your presence, especially on social media. Everyone is on social media. You don’t have to use outrageous advertising costs on TV, but if you can, the better for you.

Create one memorable slogan after another and have people participate. Reward them simply for participating and associating with your brand, and seek to be authentic in the process.

  1. Be Present

It is crucial to attach a face to a brand – your face. You need to be known as the owner behind the brand, just like Microsoft and Bill Gates is one and the same thing.

In your daily operations, you should let your face be seen. Most small businesses fail as owners leave it out to others to run the operations. Remember, no one can run the business as best as you can – no one understands your vision better than you. Hence, let yourself be seen alongside your brand. It also eliminates wanting questions from both your employees and customers. Furthermore, your employees are psyched and more pumped with you around, why would you be away from them?

  1. Product Differentiation

You want to present yourself as different and unique; this is after all what makes a brand. This envelopes the aspect of your product packaging and how you present it to your customers.

Don’t just have a unique name; let a unique packaging accompany that. This could be as wide as how you treat your employees, and how they, in turn, treat their clients.

Let it be clear to one and all the kind of the benefits they will accrue from associating with your brand – even if it’s mere pride and ego out of a high standard product.

  1. Consistency

One major fault with most businesses is that they operate as chameleons do. Heard of a business that has changed names twice or more in the past? Try assessing their performance. Rarely will you find any positivity in that assessment.

Stick with your brand name. Let your message also be clear for as long as you are in operation with you as the head. Whatever you stand for should not change with time, or circumstances, unless you are changing the business in entirety and starting another.

  1. Enumerate Passion and Provoke Emotions

What sets a business apart from really great businesses? The latter tend to display more passion in their dealings. This evokes an action-reaction ordeal as their customers openly show and associate with such emotions that the business intends.

You want to form a relationship with your audience, provoke the right emotions and they’ll forever be hooked to you. Let your team display this passion too when dealing with clients.

  1. Befriend the Customer

It is essential to note that it’s not always business! Every once in a while, check up on your customers to see how they are doing.

Also, have a tendency to always thank your customers for putting you where you are – for their loyalty. Show them your brand will forever be indebted to them.

  1. Always Carry Value

Do a good market survey of your competitors and how they present themselves. Check out other strong brands. Try to come up with a mix that best suits your business.

Let your value and your pricing have a relative bearing. You don’t want to have your customer feel as if they have been overcharged. Again, you don’t want to lean on the lower end in an attempt to please them all! You can never be on everyone’s good side; you would do well to keep this in mind. So don’t incur losses in that fateful attempt.


There is so much you can do to make your brand known. On the other side, there is so much you can do that will only serve to diminish the same. You are the wiser one – with the tips offered above. Don’t be scared to experiment every once in a while something positively different and see how that turns out in the short and long run. After all, entrepreneurship is all about those worthy risks. Now promote your brand every single day.

About the Author:

Alice Jones is a tutor & high skilled web content writer working on several projects including Custom-Writings. She loves sharing tips and topics about education, management, and marketing. Alice studied Arts in English at the University of New Orleans. She likes to read different book genres, to attend refresher training and various personal development courses. Follow her on Twitter.

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