The development of the Eternal Trusts platform continues at speed and a key element of the completed project will be the role of the Oracles. As things take shape day by day, the company is now actively looking for qualified professionals to take up the roles of Oracles and become an integral part of the ET Team.

Eternal Trusts is building an Oracle hybrid intelligence based platform that works collectively to break down an abstractly defined purpose into a set of product-like components and checks for the availability of suitable contractors. This is an innovative process that, coupled with asset management, provides the same value as a traditional trustee service but which also goes way beyond that.

By setting up a Dynasty Purpose algorithm, the Settlors can provide long-term, targeted financial aid to their offspring for multiple generations to come. In order to achieve this, a set of Oracles, which usually work with family offices, are needed to verify whether the asset redistribution process is transparent and involves a correct set of beneficiaries.

Other Settlors would be willing to put their legacy into work whose objective is towards making the world a better place by initiating a Charity Purposealgorithm. It can be set up to find and finance the best charities that will work towards a local or a global charitable cause that the person deeply cares about. In this case, Oracles would need to be experts in charity and be able to find most effective and transparent non-profit organizations.

And finally, if Settlors dream of extending their life to see the future with their own eyes, or to extend their genetic heritage, they can dedicate their funds to a Life Extension Purpose algorithm. In order to make this extraordinary purpose work in the future, the platform needs to attract scientists that work with R&D teams whose focus is on extending life, from simple medical therapies to more futuristic technologies such as whole brain emulation.

The core autonomous set of algorithms of Eternal Trusts, called Purpose Execution Flow, automatically initiates the voting process on preset triggers to find the most optimal solutions for the objective of the Settlor, along with the help of Oracles who are tasked with the analysis of potential Providers to see if they meet the predetermined set of reliability criteria. If they are, the platform proceeds to purchase the services that the client requires. The pool of Oracles and solution consultants make this process way more transparent and flexible for the client in comparison to the traditional centralized trustee process.

An Oracle in Eternal Trusts has several basic duties:

  1. To help clients formulate their long-term goals
  2. To interact with the external world and its agents and feed information into the platform
  3. To break down the goals of the clients into actionable pieces and formulate solutions
  4. To vote for both the best solution of the peers and for the best providers capable of fulfilling that solution
  5. To verify the quality of the fulfilled solution.

The client that bought Eternal Trusts tokens and paid to initiate the fulfillment of goals must first formulate them. A separate class of ET oracles selected by DAO — “solution consultants” — consists of experts, organizations, and AI-algorithms. Their goal is to develop and find the best possible solution for the client’s goals, taking every preference into account.

The outcome at this stage is a pool of strategies that are voted for by the next independent and random group of Oracles: “Experts: Solution Voters”.

The concluding part of this autonomously executed Eternal Trusts contract is a confirmation by another special group of Oracles — “Arbitres” — their task is to ensure that all points of the contract have been completed successfully. You can find more information about the role of Oracles in the white paper.

Oracles are a very important part for the stable functioning of the ET platform. The motivation of every class of oracles, along with other participants of Purpose Execution Flow, is tied to a system of rewards in the form of Eternal Trusts tokens. If you are an expert or represent an organization in the area of classical trust fund services such as Charity or Dynasty trusts, or in the field of life extension research & development, you can join the platform and monetize your knowledge and expertise as an ET Oracle.

We have already started to preselect Oracles for our platform based on their background and credentials. To start your Oracle journey, please fill out this short form on our website.



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