Blocknubie, the startup platform and marketplace that acts as a bridge between off-chain organizations, startups and the Blockchain ecosystem, has appointed Jillian Godsil to the position of CEO. Godsil replaces founder Loughlin Nestor in this position as he moves into the position of Vice President.

Blocknubie is a multi-disciplinary collective of engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and developers who all share a core belief in Blockchain. The Blocknubie platform is designed to support Startups to launch and scale providing a deep technology core, funding, product roadmaps, business models, and strategy. Think of Blocknubie as an Accelerator that can service at least 100 times the volume through its ecosystem.

Blocknubie allows blockchain startups access to its technology stack in the most cost-effective manner. Capital and ecosystem support are equally important. With 5 years of research behind the technology toolkit on offer in Blocknubie – it can offer a unique blend of core commercial and technology experience to deliver the platform that will augment and accelerate startups and associated ecosystem.

Godsil is named one of the top 50 women globally in Blockchain and is active speaking and chairing blockchain conferences across the world. She has thirty years of international PR and journalism in fintech. She changed the law in Ireland in 2014 and is a former European Parliamentary candidate. She is a lead journalist in She is a board member of the US Blockchain Association and EOS Dublin.

“Joining Blocknubie is a great opportunity for me to implement change, combining as it does blockchain and startups. This is a very exciting time to be in this sector and I look forward to growing Blocknubie and startups globally and enhancing the Blockchain Ecosystem, here and in other jurisdictions,” Godsil says.

“I have been working with a number of ICOs over the past year and can bring that combined experience to my role with Blocknubie – and this direct role will also assist my network too.”

Godsil is active in blockchain her native Ireland where she is a member of the Irish Blockchain Expert Group (IBEG) and is working with Blockchain Ireland, a portal to position Ireland internationally in this field. She also advises a number of really interesting ICOs and blockchain projects from around the world.

Nestor, Vice President of Blocknubie, was also the founder of Nubie was one of the first cloud ecosystems for startups, which provided a process for companies looking to commercialize their ideas, quickly and efficiently with a higher success ratio.

He says:  “We estimate more than 90 % of Blockchain startups will fail. Blocknubies target market is in excess of 50,000,000 startups that activate annually, which can benefit from onboarding onto blockchain. We provide an automated process. and defragment the blockchain network. Reducing the startup failure rate is one of our core metrics.. We are looking forward to working with Jillian in achieving these goals” has a strong track-record. Shortlisted for The Irish Times Innovation Awards and Intertrade Ireland Ambassadors, the founders are perfectly poised to understand the dynamics of tech integration for small business which are looking to join the blockchain network. With nearly 10 years’ experience behind the team and a highly regarded SAAS model, helped as many as 40,000 startups over that period. Its cloud-based system is now to be pivoted into the blockchain network to assist this every growing market. A solution that is vital for the continued development and interoperability of Blockchain.


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