RetoP.Gadient interviewed who is supporting the current Seratio ICO campaign.

Business Showcase : Seratio ICO token for social good

What is your background?

I am founder of B.ACADEMY GmbH a Crypto Valley based company organizing Blockchain immersion workshops and interactive seminars for senior business people that have no IT background. Last week I did a Blockchain introductory workshop at Euroforum with 70 senior people from Switzerland. The output of these adhoc teams who met the first time was amazing and inspiring. Together with some friends in the Crypto Valley Association I organize and moderate The Crypto Valley Forum, one of the fasted growing meetup groups for Blockchain and Crypto Currencies.

How did you get involved with Seratio?

I met Olinga half a year ago in UK at a Blockchain4Good conference, organized by my friend Prof. Richard Adams from Cranfield University. It was the first time I heard about CCEG and the idea of measuring social impact by using S/E ratio. My first thought was: measuring intangible values – are you kidding me? After a while I started to better understand the need for such a metric, the call for action from governments such as UK and India. I also understood how cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are the killer application to make this work. Now I have become an ambassador and business developer for

The disruptive power of Blockchain is evident in areas where trust between different parties is one of the cornerstones. Typically banking is such a trust business, and within banking, impact investing requires the highest portion of trust: Investors who like to invest their money in projects with impact rely on banks that know the right partners they can trust. And these partners have to rely on local organizations that trust the field workers who make sure that they do what they promise to do. It’s a whole chain of trust trust trust. This is where a blockchain based solution like seratio-coins come into place. The new metric makes the ambition of impact investing operational and transactional. That’s the secret sauce of a new way how to transact business. Olinga Ta’eed, chairman together with Barbara Mellish, CEO of CCEG are heading the most diverse and dynamic team I’ve ever seen in my life. I am very confident that Seratio will be a game changer in how we transact business.

How did you get in touch with Blockchain and how are you connected to the Crypo Valley?

The first time I stumbled on the Blockchain was mid 2014 when I was running a crowd innovation challenge for the wealth management arm of UBS. Blockchain was just a theme for nerds in the IT department. At the same time my friend Alex Batlin, that time innovation leader at Group IT of UBS, received the chance to take on the lead of the first Blockchain lab for UBS at level 39 in London, Europe’s largest Accelerator for Fintech. We both had the special belly feeling that Blockchain is the next big thing for banking and beyond. But: how can we convince the other people? After a beer or two we decided to bring the Blockchain topic out of the tech lab down to the street – to Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich. We organized an event with the intention to send a clear and bold message to our colleagues: Hey Bankers, in future you’re not needed anymore. It was the same time, when Johan Gevers founder of Monetas together with Vitalik Buterin and some other guys settled in Kanton Zug, a little city in the heart of Switzerland and had the vision of building up the Crypto Valley. After a while I started to understand the real disruptive power of distributed ledger and the global dimension for business: I name it Tokenization of Business, Tokenization of Life. I understood how important this new technology could be namely for the 2.5 bn of people that have been so far excluded from the financial system. This is one of the key motivations for me to dedicate my time to grow the Crypto Valley community and to teach people about the disruptive power of blockchain and crypto currencies for business and society.

Why Seratio is a unique ICO, Chandler Guo, World Blockchain Summit, Dubai, 25th October 2017

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