Interview with Chandler Guo at World Blockchain Summit, Dubai, 25th October 2017

What is your background briefly? Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

To start, I am the Bitcoin investor. What do I mean? I am an advisor in BTC plus blockchain projects and start-ups. My background is not logical at all to what I do now – before going into mining, I ran a beef butchery. It’s a family business through Ali Baba. In school, though, I enjoyed tech, especially video and audio technology (like Skype) and how they worked in China. In 2003 I went into mining. Now I have five mining farms all around China, and we mine BTC, ETC and ETH. We do it using GpU mining.

Then, in 2015, I started investing in ICOs. I started my company Bitangel and it now has an investment portfolio of 30+ crypto start-ups. I believe they will destroy the old systems.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now? Why did you get involved with Seratio?

I trust in this project – I trust it’s for love. I got involved with Seratio for love. For friendship. For the relationship that can become more and more stronger. The Seratio Platform enables that.

I met Professor Olinga Taeed (Chair of Seratio) the other year and advised him to get into the ICO business because I believed – and believe – that he can create something really valuable unlike the majority of coins on the market. I believe, together, we can do something good. For me, the most important reason is not the idea or who does the ICO – I invest in the person. If I support them, it means I cooperate with a good man. ICOs help you become part of the community and I want to become to part of the Seratio community. I want to create a China community for the Seratio Coin. It’s a massive market and I want to open up it for the Seratio project.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

The Seratio Platform is powerful because with it you build international community. It will help make the Chinese part of the world. Not a lot of people can run a community like this! It’s not about investment but about resources and ideas most importantly. It is also about making sure everyone is part of this, just like WeChat and Weibo play a huge part in connecting people.

We do trips around China to build an ‘offline embassy’ in every city we are visiting, this is part of creating and supporting the Seratio community. With 1.3 billion people, the world cannot operate without China and China needs to be part of this industry and project. We are going to be the Silicon Valley, and I am organising 20 leaders from different cities in China to create a bridge between American and Chinese communities. Everyone is welcome. It’s like a club of the Chinese in the Silicon Valley and the Seratio Platform be part of this.

How can people find out more about 1.  Seratio 2. you & your work?

We will list SER (the Seratio Token) to 40 exchanges in the world – that’s the plan. Let’s make SER have a lot of Value! Exchanges have bigger followings than ICOs so we can use that to increase SER supporters once it starts trading in 2018. It’s an exponential approach.

To learn more and to invest in the Seratio Platform ICO, which ends 31st October 2017, visit:


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To learn more about Chandler Guo, visit:

Business Showcase : Seratio ICO token for social good

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