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Tell us about your upcoming ICO?

We are launching a cryptocurrency platform that can transact Total Value: the Seratio Platform ICO and Seratio Token (SER). See more about the project here.

You are trying to do something a little different from the current model of ICOs, tell us a little more about your initiative?

We are aiming to create a circular economy of currencies based on Values, simultaneously capturing both financial and non-financial value in any transaction. This is the first time Total Value will be recorded and transacted on a blockchain with mass adoption. The distinctive feature of our Seratio Token is the ability to capture the financial assets, microshares and provenance of transactions involving people, products, processes, projects and organisations.

Tell us more about how your project is related to the Ethereum blockchain technology? 

The Seratio Token is the first issue of a resilient Ethereum token in the UK. Ethereum has the best-developed infrastructure and is well adopted within the cryptocurrency community – we at CCEG believe the use of ETH and ETC will trigger wider and easier adoption of the platform to aid and accelerate the growth of Cryptocurrencies with Values.

What innovative technologies have you incorporated into the Seratio  ICO, and what value will they bring?

The Seratio Enterprise Blockchain Platform is an all-in-one blockchain environment with three key distinguishing themes:

The cryptocurrency (financial assets) are linked to intangible value and sets of values

The Tokenised Currency (non-financial assets) is linked to intangible value and sets of values

The provenance (financial and non-financial assets) will be demonstrated via traceability, recording and tracking

This allows users to track the value and impact they make, and most importantly profit from it in many different ways. The platform allows entities (whether individuals, companies, organisations, institutions, etc.) to earn, transact, spend, trade and monitor their digital assets. This ability to transact value has been rigorously tested over the past three years in the private, public and academic sectors.

How are you different?

The trend of fly-by-night ICO schemes has eroded the trust of both investors and authorities and this is where CCEG truly stands apart. We are the first British ICO, the world’s leading think-tank on the movement of value, and an established institution with a reputation to uphold. We have one of the largest blockchain teams in the world and we meet the needs of the market as a cryptocurrency platform from an established entity – one that is already trusted and delivering commissions for governments around the world. Furthermore, we are a UK-registered company already operating in a highly regulated environment unlike our competitors.

Our product is a significant build to the blockchain philosophy, which itself is revolutionary. The potential to break down, measure and transact value beyond the pure financial may lead to a step change in the capitalist model we have today.

You are also getting the message out there globally too, tell us a little more about that?

Yes, we have some great global ambassadors, including, but not only Chandler Guo who is an Angel investor and adviser in Bitcoin and blockchain startups. As a BitAngel he has already invested in over 30 companies. It is a great proof of concept to have someone like him, and our other great advisors advocating the value of what we are trying to achieve. Guo described the Seratio Token as “ the next bitcoin … it’s higher than bitcoin” (CCEG University of Cambridge conference on Internet of Value, November 2016).

It is an exciting time and we encourage everyone to invest in our current ICO round while you have time. See more about the project here.

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