When you are invited to one of the best DevOps events of the year, what do you do? Interview people! Last week the guys Comtrade Digital invited us to attend Quest for Quality 2017. It happened to be in Dublin in one the nicest hotels I’ve been at in the country! The Marker Hotel.

Here’s the link: http://questforquality.eu

The event was focused on DevOps (development and operations) bringing in over 150 high-level software testing professionals from all over Europe! With top-notch speakers from the likes of CERN, IBM, Thoughtworks, and much more. If you missed it this year, try and make it for the next one!

Had the opportunity to meet and interview the one and only Andi (Andreas) Grabner from Dynatrace.

You can follow Andi on twitter here: https://twitter.com/grabnerandi


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