Every year social media is growing and growing, more people are jumping on board the social media train, businesses and brands are looking for ways to market and share great original content.

Over the past number of months I have been covering social media news on Irish Tech News and as we come to the end of the year there is no better way to round things off than with a recap of some of the top social media articles over the passed few months.

You may just find something useful that you missed the first time round too! So here are some of the top articles we have covered since September.

1. Be Seen More On Twitter

One of the first articles I wrote for Irish Tech News with some great tips on how you can get yourself out there on Twitter without spamming your account to others and throwing yourself in people’s faces on the social network.


2. Managing A Social Media Crisis 

Think before you post! Some of us can jump right in and say something we regret later, on social media, the chance to take back something you said is gone forever once you hit that post button. Think before you tweet and should things go wrong there are still things you can do to manage a social media crisis.


3. Top Three Social Media Campaigns Of The Summer

Summer time saw a sharp rise of viral social media campaigns, most notably the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which received an excess of $53 million dollars for the charity. These were the top three campaigns of the summer period.


4. Can Enterprise Social Networks Such As Yammer Actually Work?

In October we tackled the question hanging over enterprise social networks, clearly I am not a big fan and here were some of the reasons why I felt social networks such as Yammer will not work after experiencing it in my workplace.


5. Using Social Media At Conferences

If you are lucky enough to attend conferences on a regular basis, here is some social media etiquette to help you stand out, be noticed, and not spend the entire conference with your face buried into your social media feed.


6. Samaritans ‘Suicide Twitter-Sniffer’ App Backfires

The Samaritans released an app which auto scans tweets of anyone you follow and alerts you to possible suicidal tweets. However it backfired in spectacular fashion and while the Samaritans meant well, people argued it was an extreme breach of privacy, the app was soon pulled afterwards.


7. Scredible

Scredible has been one of the big stand outs from the Web Summit this year for me, I love their service and it is now a daily tool for me. A fantastic product which I hope goes further in 2015. Here is my review of Scredible.


8. Top Rugby Ref Nigel Owens Centre Of Attention Over Aer Lingus Flight Delay

A special mention goes to this article, Nigel Owens was delayed getting to Dublin to referee the Ireland v Australia game. Of course Nigel did what many of us do and took to Twitter to complain to Aer Lingus. Our article made the front page of Yahoo’s featured content that day.


9. Christmas Is Looming – Tips To Keep Your Child Safe On Social Media

With Christmas now a mere few days away, here are some tips for the parents out there to keep your child safe on social media before they pick up that brand new piece of tech from under the tree this year.


10. STOP! Is Your Social Media Plan Legal?

Finally, the most recent article of mine asks businesses to stop and think about their social media plans. Make sure what you are doing is not a possible breach of the law before you do it. What seems like a good idea then, may not seem so good down the road.



So there you have it folks, a top 10 selection of our social media articles from 2014. As we look ahead to 2015, we can’t wait to provide you with more social media insights and keep you up to date with the latest news and marketing trends on the Internet.

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Mark is the founder of 60 Second Social media where he provides social media news and digital marketing analysis, he is also a proud father of his bearded dragon, Lola. You can follow him on Twitter here. You can also follow 60 Second Social on Twitter here.

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