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So you are heading off to a conference. With rising platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, it is now easier than ever before for organisers to put events online in real time and allow people to follow along on their social network feeds.

Being active on social media during a conference can be great, it can help you enhance your brand and get your message out there. So what do you need to do in order to try and get noticed? How do you stand out? Here are some easy and straight forward tips.

1. Be nice and kind

Conferences are filled with praise and encouragement. People are putting themselves out there and inspirational sound bites are generally the highlights of the event. So what should you be tweeting then?

Share your thoughts on Twitter but keep the energy going, stay positive and don’t be critical or harsh. Even if you don’t like a speaker, be respectful and encourage people where you can. Remember, not only will people at the conference more than likely see your tweet, if you use the conference hashtag then the organisers will see it too. You don’t want to be known as that person.

2. Use the correct hashtag

Conference organisers these days generally use hashtags at events. This is a great way to follow the flow of the conversation and to meet new people at the conference, it is also a great way to collaborate and share ideas over the use of the hashtag. So make sure you use the right one!

Nothing is worse than tweeting up a storm and feeling like you are on top of your game, then you find out you were using the wrong hashtag and all that work has gone to waste. If you use the wrong hashtag or a variation you come up with yourself then you are not going to be seen by anyone who is there.

3. Interact, interact…INTERACT!

I always seem to have to remind people of this, social media is a two way street! You don’t have to interact with every single person however be sure that you don’t spend your time posting away and not bothering to reply to people who are trying to interact with you.

It is about conversation, make sure you talk to people on social media, reply, retweet, favourite. These are your interaction tools and you need to make sure that you use them. Use the conversation to meet up with people and to share ideas together.

You never know where the next big opportunity for you may be.

4. Keep calm, relax!

Don’t get carried away with tweeting and instagramming that you end up missing key parts of the conference and the speakers.

Take one Instagram per session and send a few tweets out for each session. Try not to overdo things, you may end up missing out on some great stuff for yourself. If you are at a meeting or a small intimate session then put your phone away and pay attention. You can always share thoughts from that meeting at a later time.

5. Have fun

Social media is all about fun, you don’t need to be serious with every tweet so have a good time posting about the event. Show cool and funny sides to the conference too, keep it light hearted and easy to follow.

Take pictures of swag bags and selfies with vendors and fellow conference goers.

Being active on social media during a conference can make them even more fun than they have ever been before as long as you don’t get too wrapped up in it.

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