Jim Stikeleather, Dell’s Chief Innovation Officer

Early in the morning on October 22nd, at Foster Place off College Green, TCD Innovation Academy launched their Executive Breakout out program.

Tasty breakfast helped to welcome the early risers in from the still dark streets outside. The keynote speaker was Jim Stikeleather, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Strategist for Dell. Stikeleather enthusiastically expounded on Dell’s strategy of innovation, and how invaluable it is for all companies future survival.


Below is the outline of the course

This programme is for leaders and innovators who want to drive change in their career or organisation, and transform ideas into value through action.

Executive Breakout is a 6-day action-learning programme underpinned by 3 pillars; Creative Thinking, Disruptive Innovation and High Performance Leadership. This programme will help you develop a competitive edge in an increasingly demanding marketplace. It is intended to change the way you think, act  and  lead, empowering you to identify and exploit opportunities within your organisation.

The international team of academics and practitioners will connect theory to practice, to look at challenges through a new lens.  Specialist facilitators and an executive mentoring panel will coach participants who want to influence change within their own organisation. Executive networking events are embedded throughout the programme.

Throughout the programme, participants learn to embrace change, to challenge the status quo and most importantly to think and work collaboratively. Participants will work in multidisciplinary teams with individuals who have a shared vision and goal. Implementation is central to the programme and participants should have a strong commitment to applying their learning within their current role.

For more details contact Louise Andrews at [email protected], 353 1 896 4367 / 353 86 386 7846


See more about Jim Stikeleather’s Innovation role here 




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