Scredible is a Dublin based AI-driven solution that helps professionals build and sustain a trusted and socially credible brand. Scredible’s intelligent machine learning monitors trending online content, news, and connections of value. That information is then organised and ranked based on a subscriber’s profile and goals, before users are advised on what, when and where to post information for optimum social impact.

I have been using Scredible over the past few days, and so far all the signs are good. In fact I would go as far to say that I think I have found a replacement for Feedly and I love Feedly. Not only is this a replacement for Feedly, it adds so much more functionality over other services on the market at the moment. Scredible wants to help you ‘increase your social influence at work and at play. With a single application you can now impact the markets you care about, soar beyond your goals and make a real difference in ways you can measure.’

The platform promises to provide relevant stories, meaningful engagement, optimized streams and measurable impact. The aim is you extend your reach online but with spending less time doing so. Scredible claims to be ‘tomorrow’s social strategies…today.’ With such a bold claim, how does the service stack up?

Getting Started:

Scredible is a start up company, the product is new and of course we can’t and shouldn’t expect perfection however with that in mind I don’t think they are far off nailing it in terms of what they want to achieve. Signing up is straight forward, you can do so on Scredible today and there are several pricing plans available from free to personal+ ($8), professional ($28) and agency ($278).

You start by building a profile by filling out information such as your role, goal and position. Examples of the goals include ‘starting a business based on primary skills’ and ‘build online reputation and influence’ ect. Some examples of the positions include owner, manager, director, producer ect.

These fields are optional however the idea is that the more information you provide, the more relevant the content that is curated to be sent to your profile for you to read and share. Once you have filled out your profile information you head on to pick your bots. Bots in this case are basically categories of the kinds of things you want to see on Scredible and there is a huge range of different bots such as Internet, media, health, education, government, business, retail, style, life science and more.

At first it can be a little overwhelming however again the idea is to give you the choice so that you can streamline what you want to see on Scredible. Finally you connect your social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Once you have run through the steps then you are good to go.

The only problem I had at this stage was that after filling out my profile details I discovered that the role, goal and position had not saved so I had to go and enter them again in account settings. The bots also had not saved and I had to add them again. However it is a minor little glitch I experienced and is certainly nothing that should put anyone off.


The first section and one of the main sections of the web app is the read section. This is where your curated content is going to appear and you can select to view it in a variety of ways such as compact, magazine, ultra compact and more. You can also filter content by date, relevance, unread, all articles or read articles.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 14.22.59

compact view

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 14.25.16

magazine view

Clicking on an article takes you to that story and the whole thing stays within Scredible which is something I really like. In the case of Feedly I would get pushed to the main website in a new tab of my browser but in Scredible I can read the entire story right there without being redirected somewhere else which is a much more pleasing experience. When you go into an article you can bookmark content, share it to your social media profile, print, email content, select to see more or less content of a similar nature and more.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 14.32.04


When you select to quick share an article to your social media account you are greeted by a pop up box where you select your social account you want to share to. What is great is that Scredible will also suggest relevant hashtags for you to click on and add to your tweet (something I love!) and you can of course add your own hashtags along with scheduling posts.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 14.33.58

Bots, as I have mentioned are kind of like categories for the content you want to see. You can also set search criteria for bots along with keywords and sources which will narrow your search down even further to streamline what you see.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 14.38.15


Writing & Engaging:

You can use Scredible to create new posts to your social media streams and your Scredible stream as well. You can schedule post if you wish, the only complaint I really have here is that I would prefer to be able to select where I want to post on the same page as the compose box instead of having to tab over to the social tab and select my account or tab over to select my stream. It would be convenient to have all those options present on the one page either above or below the compose box.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 14.41.00


Engaging is an overview of who is interacting with you and your content as well as interacting with your posts. The data is displayed in graph form and breaks down the engagement into likes, shares, comments and clicks. It is another feature that I really enjoy and I am glad it is present here. I love using Twitter analytics to see what the engagement is like on my content, it is a great way of seeing what kind of content is popular and what is not so popular so having data like this in Scredible is a big plus for me.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 14.46.20



Streams is a place for you to share your content that you find on Scredible. You can enter the basic details such as the stream name, stream URL, headline and introduction. You can also select to have your social media profile as sources which will push content from your social media profiles into your stream. Side bar links can be added, headers can also be added and you can view statistics for your stream as well. You can visit my stream here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 14.51.41


So does Scredible deliver on their promise? At the moment it would seem so, the design and navigation around the web app is easy to follow and there is a beautiful design to go along with it. Using advanced AI, the team at Scredible have created a fantastic tool for content curation, sharing and publishing. On the most part the experience was great, there were a few small issues such as filling out profile information at the sign up screens and then having to fill it out again as it was not saved. There is no mobile app out at the moment however according to the Scredible team there is an iOS and Android app on the way soon.

Over time Scredible will learn the type of content you want to see as you select to see ‘more or less like this’ when looking at various articles. Some people may think it is intimidating that the AI machine can learn so much about you online but it is nothing many of us have not encountered before. Amazon use similar AI systems when you are browsing your shopping online.

If you want a service which learns what you want to see and then delivers what you want to see, as well as heaping a bunch of sharing features and engagement features on top then this is exactly what you are looking for. Sorry Feedly, you have been replaced.

If you want to check out the talk that Thomas Power and the Scredible team gave at the web summit last week you can check it out on the YouTube video below:


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