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Summer is drawing to a close and some savvy brands have taken advantage of what can sometimes be a less competitive period to launch campaigns that stand out. Here are three creative social media campaigns which stood out and made their mark this summer.

1. Southampton FC = #EarnYourStripes

Off season can be somewhat of a dull time for football fans, sure we had the world cup to keep us going this year but with club football over it can be a dull period. Southampton FC created a clever social media contest in order to keep fans engaged over the summer months.

The team place 500 limited edition numbered footballs around town as a scavenger hunt to promote their new home kit. Each ball had the hashtag #EarnYourStripes on it and fans were encouraged to take a selfie with the ball and post it on to social media using the hashtag.

The team went a step further and used Snapchat to share vanishing clues of the football locations which is a prime example of how companies can gain good traction from an app of this nature.

2. Always – #LikeAGirl

The video of the summer was Always #LikeAGirl. The powerful video shared the dangerous effect of using the words, “like a girl” can have on adolescent girls self-confidence and tugged on heartstrings of viewers.

The video went viral straight away and was watched an incredible 47 million times in just a few weeks. Unfortunately the rest of the campaign fell flat and while the video was a triumph, the website and landing page on the website was abandoned and sparse of any real content.

For such an amazing video which could have been so much more, the campaign unfortunately floundered.

3. ALS Association – Ice Bucket Challenge

We of course have to mention the ice bucket challenge, the movement which started in Boston and swept across the globe had people dumping buckets of ice cold water on themselves. It was all in aid of raising money for ALS awareness, the campaign started in aid of Pete Frates and spread like wildfire as people challenged each other to take on the ice bucket challenge or donate to ALS.

Most people did both, electing to pour ice cold water over themselves in the name of fun and donate to the charity as well. In just a few weeks ALS Association and its 38 chapters received an astonishing $53 million in donations compared to $2.2 million during the same period last year.

The campaign has been the perfect of example of how social media can propel causes like this into the global view at the right place in the right time and give unprecedented visibility to a debilitating disease.

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