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It is one of the scenarios that many people fear, getting ready to go on holiday and the main thing you want is to get away on time. However there can sometimes be unwanted and unforeseen circumstances. Missing baggage? Flight delayed? Missed your flight because of security or were you sleeping through the several PA calls to get to the gate?

It is a travellers worst case scenario and these days we are lucky we have somewhere to vent those frustrations. Many people take to Twitter in order to share their anger with others which allows us to read into the data much more than some may think.

Luminoso, a text analysis startup, researched and analysed mentions of the top airlines on Twitter in order to see who is getting it right and who is getting it wrong. The company read more than 157,000 tweets that directly mention the top fiver airlines made from August.

So who are the top five airlines? Virgin America, JetBlue, Delta, United and American Airlines are the top candidates. Many airlines were not included in the study but Luminoso said that they made their suggestions based on combination of market share.

Nine categories were analysed in the study: customer service, crews, delays and cancellations, entertainment, seating, security, charges and fees along with overall experience. Virgin America had the highest level of positive customer responses, many people praised their service and there was reduced delays and cancellations.

United ranked as the worst airline coming in last place with delays and cancellations, luggage, charges and fees. The airline was second to last in entertainment and seating.

It is not the first time United has found themselves at the bottom of the rankings, earlier this year Airfarewatchdog ran a survey which again found United to be ranked as the worst airline. Take caution airline industry, clearly what you do and say along with what your customers say about you is being scrutinised on social media.

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