Qualtrics announces an expanded professional certification program to help users become certified on the world’s first experience management platform, the Qualtrics XM Platform™. The new program builds upon the existing training program and will help support a growing experience management ecosystem, including customers, developers and partners, and provides certified individuals to help companies and organizations best leverage the full power of the innovative platform. The significant growth in Qualtrics deployments is accelerating interest in Qualtrics expertise and certification.

The Qualtrics XM Platform is designed to address the growing experience gap––the gap between market, customer and employee expectations and what organizations actually deliver. The first solution in the experience management space, the platform will help companies measure, prioritize, and optimize the experiences they deliver across the four foundational aspects of business—customers, products, employees and brands.

Experience management helps organizations close the experience gap and achieve four key outcomes:

  • Customer Experience (CX): Delight customers at every touchpoint;
  • Product Experience (PX): Build products that people love;
  • Employee Experience (EX): Improve employee engagement, retain top talent, and develop leaders;
  • Brand Experience (BX): Create differentiated brands that people want to associate with.

According to Ryan Smith, CEO of Qualtrics, “There are two types of data: operational data and experience data. For too long, companies have been looking exclusively at data about the past—the operational data or ‘O data.’ Where companies must improve is with experience data, or ‘X data.’ X data is the human-factor data, the beliefs, emotions, and sentiments that tell you ‘why’ things are happening and that help predict what is going to happen next. And while there are plenty of technologies to help companies manage their operational data, until now there hasn’t been a technology that makes it easy to capture and understand the X data. The Qualtrics XM Platform will change how organizations operate and help develop the market leaders of tomorrow.”

Anyone—including researchers, marketers, analysts, faculty, administrators, product managers, HR generalists, executives, leaders, and more—can become certified on the XM platform to help drive real impact in an organization across the four foundational aspects of business.

Qualtrics Certification is designed to help users develop the skills and expertise needed to help close experience gaps. Six different certifications are offered, including:

  • Technical Professional
  • Technical Expert
  • Customer Experience Expert
  • Employee Experience Expert
  • Brand Experience Expert
  • Product Experience Expert

Each certification provides the necessary product knowledge and methodology knowledge to drive organizations forward in each domain. The new, expanded program is an extension of the existing program and those already certified will automatically be granted credentials from the new program.

“Qualtrics Certification is the validating body that prepares individuals to become experts on the Qualtrics platform and experts within their category. It is part of the Qualtrics vision of helping companies create world-class experiences for customers and employees by training individuals on the Qualtrics Platform, and giving client leadership confidence in the quality of the data and insights collected,” said Bennett Weisse, Head of Certification at Qualtrics. “After all, the data collected is used to make major business decisions across an organization, so know-how and accuracy are crucial.”

“Qualtrics Certification increases my level of expertise and helps me solve my company’s most pressing problems around the experiences we are delivering to key stakeholders, including clients, employees, impacts to our products or even our brand reputation,” said Johanna Moscoso, Consumer Insights Lead, The Weather Company, an IBM Business. “Getting Qualtrics certified has also helped me develop a skill set that has immediately translated to early career success. It means that we can be confident in the decisions we make, because it’s improved my team’s ability to collect, analyze, and act on important insights that drive key experiences. We are vastly more successful as a company thanks to the information we get from Qualtrics.”

The Qualtrics ecosystem has seen rapid growth recently and more employers are seeking candidates with Qualtrics skills. Users of Qualtrics are seeing increased demand from potential employers across the board–from small to medium businesses, up to the enterprise level. Candidates in marketing, branding, customer experience, product management, human resources, and senior management disciplines are reinventing their resume thanks to Qualtrics.

In addition, key academic institutions globally are offering training for their students on Qualtrics as part of their curriculums, including Cornell, Harvard, Kellogg, MIT, Princeton, Purdue, Stanford, and Yale universities. These students are essential to growing the Qualtrics ecosystem as they bring the platform with them to their new jobs.

Over 3,000 customers, partners and employees have completed the Qualtrics Certification Program to date. Visit https://www.qualtrics.com/certification/ to learn more and sign up for an upcoming course.

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