What is your background briefly?

I always worked with IT and I have a cybersecurity background as a researcher and advisor for a few security firms. The first time I discovered blockchain technology was in 2011 when I started using Bitcoin. Since that moment I researched Bitcoin and blockchain use cases and practical applications.

I have a degree in oriental languages and I studied Chinese for more than 1 year in Peking University, in China, where I attended numerous Blockchain summits and meetings consulting with the most prominent Asian crypto experts and CEOs.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Well definitely yes. I have entrepreneurship flowing inside me since I was a child. IT & cybersecurity are my fields and I am a blockchain and cryptocurrencies researcher and enthusiast. It has been very natural to envision a product like Sidera, which has the big potential to disrupt the entire market.

Give us a one-minute pitch for what you are doing now.

We are changing the blockchain and cryptocurrencies scene presenting the first Decentralized Wearable Device of the world: a smartwatch with endless possibilities (ex. NFC payments with on-the-fly crypto to fiat conversion allowing to pay directly in every shop in the world).

Think about a wearable Ledger nano S with 800% more functionalities and security (Ledger sold more than 1 million units at our same price).

We have four disruptive innovations:

– Decentralized Wearable Devices (the crypto-smartwatches, first of the world);

– IoT Hybrid Blockchain with our innovative Proof-of-Load protocol (invented by us);

– Continuum Exchange (the first decentralized wearable exchange of the world, our second main source of income);

– Biometric body sensor: the security of the device, and its integrated hardware wallet, is assured by a body sensor placed under the smartwatch. This sensor will analyze from your body a few signals (movement, perspiration, etc.) elaborating a specific ID in which will be encrypted the private seed of the hardware wallet.

Why did you get involved with this ICO?

Actually I believe in real economy and innovation. I studied everything in order to have two main sources of income: the physical products (smart band + smartwatch) and the exchange with the fees. This is because I prefer to work on the real economy, the ICO is the instrument in order to pursue an innovative business model that still must be based on a real market.  I believe that the price of the token will reflect our business strategy, exactly like stock prices should reflect the moves of a company. This is very important and certainly you will agree with me. Unfortunately the great majority of ICOs start from token price speculation with no real business behind.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

I think that we are building one of the most successful projects in the crypto space. We are innovating in multiple fronts, going from Blockchain itself to healthcare, live payments and obviously IoT, which is a market expected to grow 400%. The main competitive advantage is the concreteness of this project: something that you can see, feel and wear, very far from the great majority of the other projects, which you cannot even fully understand before one year or two.

How can people find out more about 1. The ICO 2. you & your work?

The best way is to browse our official website https://sidera.io/.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Our timeline. We will be listed on the exchanges by 15th of October, and we will release the first beta of Continuum exchange in December 2018, right after the listing phase. The smart band will be ready in April 2019 and the Smartwatch from June 2019.

How can people contact you & learn more about you?

Again, browse our website where you can ask any question to our representatives always live and ready to chat. You can also reach us in our official telegram channel, where you will find our administrators ready to help you: https://t.me/SideraOfficial



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