Just one week since a new stealth decentralized ICO rating and investing platform went live, over 50 experts, or “dexperts” as they have been dubbed, have joined TOKEN (https://presale.market) to rate and assess ICO projects immutably on Ethereum.

Stephan Horvath, a partner at Burj Finance in Dubai, described his interest in the DApp, “We are seeing heightened business risk for investments in the ICO and STO space. The external validation by the experts on the TOKEN platform mitigates those risks. It also promotes best-practice in ICOs.”

Stefan Bergstrom, a well-known Swedish Angel Investor who has also joined the programme said, “Finally, we can see our way to tokenised fundraising where people with brilliant ideas will not need centralized companies, but can still raise untold sums in minutes from regular people making modest contributions from every corner of the earth.”

The Expert Programme, which will stake 5% of ICO proceeds as rewards for Experts is now waiting-list only, or by introduction from one of the current Experts. The function will become completely decentralized when the platform is deployed to the Ethereum mainnet.

Here is the full list of DEXPERTS. You can join the waiting list here.

PRESALE.MARKET does three things well:

  1. It creates a meritocracy for ICO/STO service providers. They are rated by projects immutably on Ethereum. Projects add service provider’s offerings to their presale fund to create a smart contract into which investors invest, and which pays service providers autonomously.
  2. It democratises early-stage investing, making it completely transparent. Investors with TOKEN in their wallet can access token discounts on presales posted by ICO and STO projects. These Presale Funds are comprised of the services that the project needs to successfully launch, and the service providers are paid directly and autonomously.
  3. Expert’s assessments are “Liked” by Investors and the weight of each like depends on the investor’s activity – both quantity and frequency of investing. Experts require five times as much TOKEN as investors in order to make ratings and assess projects helping ensure that they vie for the health and success of the platform.

Actually, anyone can rate and assess projects on the live Alpha platform right now. You can get test-TOKEN from an airdropper smart contract deployed on the Rinkeby testnet by sending test-Ether to it.

All of the instructions are at here.



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