By @SimonCocking. Review of How to Sell Online: The Experts’ Guide to Making Your Business More Successful and Profitable Online, by Christer Holloman, published by Pearson, priced £15.99. Available to buy here.

Christer Holloman, the bestselling author and The Guardian technology expert, has lined up the leaders behind some of the most successful online retailers, and those that advise them, to reveal their best kept secrets on how to grow your online retail business.

• Discover how to grow your online business for short, medium and long term growth

• Find out how to acquire, retain and understand your customers

• Use cost-effective sales, marketing and social media to build revenue and profile

• Understand how to shape the customer journey and convert browsers into buyers

• Ensure technology works for you by using the right platforms and software

Do you know you customer? As it becomes possible to reach more and more of the world markets, if you target your marketing campaign correctly. It is a challenge, but it is possible, and if you can work out who your customer is, and what they want, you will be in a far better position. This is a comprehensive book which aims to take you through all the steps you need to actually have an impact when you embrace the on-line world. While this may seem an obvious statement it is still impressive how few Irish businesses for example have an effective online presence, with the ability to offer potential customers a method to actually buy your products. Irish people are highly active consumers online, but far fewer Irish businesses are selling online, so there is a net outlay of spending to those business, based further afield who do offer online commerce options.

From Bricks to Clicks by Christer Holloman

The book is thorough, and walks you through the steps you need to follow, and consider to ensure you have a completely joined up digital marketing strategy. There are lots of good case studies too, to help illustrate the points made. If you are planning to sell online (and if your business is not, then it may quickly suffer accordingly) then this is a book you should be reading!

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