By @SimonCocking Panasonic camcorder 4K ultra high-definition HC-VX980 briefly reviewed, available to buy from and major electronic retailers nationwide.

This camera / camcorder is super light. Almost so light that you’re worried you might break it. That said it captures good video footage, and picks up good audio as well. The zoom works well, and moves in smoothly, rather than in an uneven way. It has an interesting function where you can switch out of recording video to capture stills before returning to what you were filming. First impressions would be that the video image quality and sound seem to a higher standard than the stills it captures. We were using it in dark winter light though, so perhaps it will return stronger images in the spring and summer months. For this time of year, it’s extreme lightness would make it very portable and a handy camcorder to have with you when out and about and on holidays. Looking on the Panasonic Ireland website it looks like it’s in the sale too. Could be an interesting late stocking filler?

Below are the technical specs from Panasonic Ireland.

Panasonic’s new 4K camcorders enable 4K Cropping and 4K Photo mode, alongside features unique to Panasonic such as Wireless Multi Camera and enhanced professional functions to simplify ease of use for any camcorder user.

These new 4K camcorders build on the success of Panasonic’s first 4K camcorders which were introduced to the market last year. By combining a wealth of advanced imaging technologies such as the LEICA DICOMAR Lens, BSI Sensor and Crystal Engine 4K, beautiful 4K images that boast four times the resolution of Full-HD can be captured for later viewing. In addition, high-speed, high-precision auto focus technologies, highly critical for 4K shooting, help to increase image quality further.

Also by recording in 4K Photo mode, the user can obtain 8-megapixel still images of decisive moments that even the burst shooting of an SLR camera struggles to capture. These 4K technologies are concentrated into a body that is almost as compact and lightweight as Panasonic Full-HD camcorders.

Professional Features and Functions for Full-Fledged Video Production
The HC-VXF990 is packed with advanced functions and features to satisfy the needs of both professionals and high-amateurs. With the new tiltable viewfinder[1], this model makes it easier to capture subjects more precisely. Cinema Like Effects are new features that allow the use of shooting techniques seen in cinemas, such as Slow & Quick Video, Slow Zoom and Dolly Zoom (Vertigo Effect). This high-end compact 4K camcorder is a great tool for creating cinema style videos.

4K Cropping of Recorded Videos without Using Editing Software
Newly added 4K Cropping cuts out Full-HD images from 4K footage using only the camcorder. It allows effects to be added to a recorded video, such as zooming[2], panning[3], tracking and stabilizing. The edited video is saved in Full-HD format. This function is especially appreciated by those who want to create high-quality Full-HD videos.

Capture everyone’s memorable moment with Simultaneous Recording
Wireless Multi Camera is a new function evolved from Panasonic’s original Wireless Twin Camera, which enables picture-in-picture recording using a Wi-Fi-connected smartphone as a sub-camera.

While Wireless Twin Camera links to only one smartphone, Wireless Multi Camera connects to as many as three smartphones and records up to two sub-window images instead of one. This lets the user shoot from a variety of angles and viewpoints to capture a level of emotional impact that simply is not possible with a single camera.

5-Axis Level Shot Function for Blur and Tilt Free Images
All new models feature Panasonic’s original Level Shot function, which detects and corrects the tilting of captured images, as well as 5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S.+. No matter which model is selected, these functions thoroughly suppress blurring caused by various types of hand-shake and automatically correct the tilting of captured images that may be unnoticed by the camera user while recording.

Cinema Like Effect for Creating Cinema Style Videos
HC- VXF990
This model comes with four special functions that allow professional-like shooting techniques commonly used in cinema films.

Slow & Quick Video
The recording mode can be changed to Quick Video during slow motion shooting. By combining Slow Video and Quick Video, the user can add dramatic effects to motion-filled scenes.

Slow Zoom
Slow zooming, which is also often used in cinema films and difficult to do manually, is easy to operate. It lets the user add tension to otherwise simple scenes, and express emotional shifts in subjects.

Dolly Zoom (Vertigo Effect)
This technique zooms only the background while maintaining the subject’s size to express feelings such as confusion, distress, or surprise. The resulting footage can be thrilling and create suspense in the film.

Slow Motion Video
Smooth slow motion video turns everyday scenes into works of art.

Wi-Fi Function

The camcorders include the Baby Monitor feature which enables you to check on a sleeping baby in another room with the camcorder connected to home network with a smartphone. You can call out to the baby using your smartphone or have a notification sent to your smartphone when your baby’s crying voice or other sound is detected. You can also provide live streaming of video over the Internet using USTREAM.

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