By @SimonCocking. This seems like a particularly good week for a top range of interviews with a diverse and interesting collection of people. As Irish Tech News as grown in reach and audience, so the more interesting people we are able to feature. It’s been a great two years writing for Irish Tech News, and we look forward to bringing you even more interesting stories in the future. If you’d like your company to be featured drop us a line here [email protected] .

Social good, innovation and corporate responsibility. Startup and investment tips with Susan McPherson, Angel investor, Forbes columnist

Precision. Principles, practices and solutions for the Internet of Things by Timothy Chou. Reviewed

Persistence will take you a long way. Lilach Bullock, Forbes Top 20 Social media influencer

It’s all about the idea. Creativity insights with Tom Tuke-Hastings, author

The importance of upgrading your graphic designer skills. Insights from top digital designer Steve McDevitt

How to be a great Java coder, top tips for improving your Java coding skills

All About The Raise: Focus on what matters when raising capital. Startup insights from DC Cahalane

DNA Testing, Epigenetics and the tail of two mice by Justin Lawler

Entrepreneurial insights with Mehmet Niyazi, up and coming London based entreprenur

Bitcoin could go mainstream in 2017. Oscar A Jofre, FinTech & Blockchain global influencer

We didn’t take no for an answer, even after 100 times. Melanie Perkins, CEO of globally loved Canva

Blockchain will be transformative for multiple industries, not just financial services, Sam Maule top Fintech thought leader

Chaos Monkeys by Antonio Garcia Martinez reviewed. Facebook insider stories and more

Women are Boring. Interview with founders. Great site for fascinating research with interesting women!

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