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Facebook knows how important video content is becoming and it is clear that they want to be at the forefront of video related content. For years now, YouTube has dominated the space but with Facebook rising in stature, the social media giant is now giving more control to publishers with new tools.

Video creators and uploaders will now be able to restrict their audience based on age and gender as well as location an language restrictions which it currently offers.

Facebook is also rolling out “secret” mode which will work in the same way as YouTube’s “unlised” function works. Only users who are given the direct link to the video will be able to watch it. Video publishers can now also opt to turn off third party embedding, so if you don’t want websites embedding your content and prefer to have users watch it on your profile you can now do so.

There is also the option to house videos in a new “video” tab which will separate them from your main News Feed.

Although we spoke about Facebook’s numbers in perspective just last week, there is no doubt that there is a growing number of viewers on Facebook. The numbers they boast may not be quite as significant as we think as Facebook counts a view only three seconds into a video.

Despite this, Facebook clearly feels that now is the time to start giving more control to creators. Earlier in the month Facebook started testing out ads on videos. The ads appear between clips when you watch them consecutively.

There is also a chance that Facebook may look to break away the video platform completely and look to create a dedicated video service as opposed to just having just video content in the News Feed. Only time will tell if they will have enough to take on YouTube and maybe even become bigger than YouTube.


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