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We all know by now that Twitter has a major problem with trolls, users on the site can be open to all kinds of abuse and harassment. We also know that Twitter acknowledges this and wants to change it. 

Now Twitter has launched Safety Center which gives users the access to resources, tips and policies which you can use and refer to in order to try and improve your Twitter experience should you find yourself falling victim to trolls and online abuse.

After having a browse around the new safety center I can safely say that a lot of the content is in face not new. It is for the most part no-brainer tips which give you advice on how to report and how to make your password stronger presented in a nice new format.

In fact, some of the links in safety center are merely links to existing content on Twitter and it takes you away from safety center to a different part of the site that already existed.

So if you are looking for advice on what you can do if you are experiencing violent threats on Twitter the safety center will in fact simply redirect you to the abusive behaviour policy in Twitter’s help center.

The new safety center does not really make the service any safer for users. However what Twitter has done is to create a central hub which means you no longer need to fish around the help sections of the website to find out the information you are looking for.

Even if some of the safety center links redirect to old help content and advice, at least there is a central place you can go to if you want to find any Twitter related content about dealing with trolls or harassment.

The safety center arrives following recent months of expanding the ability to report if someone is harming themselves and also following changes to policies which make it easier for Twitter to weed out and clamp down on trolls.

While safety center may not be a big step forward in the process, all of Twitter’s efforts combined are showing that the company is very serious on tackling the problems the platform is facing around harassment and abuse.


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