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Twitter has had a mixed relationship with developers over the years. A social network service which has welcomed third party Twitter clients however they have made it tough by restricting APIs which prevents developers from having quite the same level of functionality in their own apps. 

Basically, there are some stunning third party apps out there, apps with a much better design than Twitter themselves but if you want the true, full mobile experience on Twitter then your only choice is the native Twitter app.

Last year, Twitter looked to start rebuilding a somewhat frayed relationship with developers and they held their first developer conference which was called ‘Flight.’

Flight is now returning this year on October 21st in San Francisco and is hoping to build on the foundations of the event last year by giving more time for the developers with engineers and also showing some of the big features that Twitter has planned.

Twitter has taken large steps to draw in new users from new apps like Periscope, new features and a tough new stance on abuse while cracking down on revenge porn. However they need to do more, Twitter is hoping that they can convince developers to create new apps which will help its users stick around longer.

Twitter has promised this year there will be more face time with engineers and more technical sessions. More than 1,000 people attended the event last year and while there is no schedule released yet, the company has provided some basic details on what we can expect.

They will provide an update on Fabric, a suite of mobile development tools they launched last year as well as sharing the latest on Gnip which analyses data on social media interactions. The company has also announced a new analytics tool on Wednesday which helps developers track in real time the user behaviour tied to their apps.

Twitter is making all the right moves so far, last year they started repairing the relationship with developers, so maybe this year they will pull out all the stops and really impress them.


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