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Christmas is almost upon us. For those last minute Xmas shoppers, here are 4 action cameras we’ve had great fun reviewing recently. See here for Canon,  SONY, Kaiser Baas, and GoPro reviews. 

From the GoPro Hero 4, to the SONY AS200V Action-cam, and the Canon D30 Powershot to the Kaiser Baas X150 we’ve been out on foot, bike, car and kayak risking life and limb, and talking to elite athletes to really road (and path, and beach and sea) test them.

Here are some of the images and footage gathered from the various reviews. In the spirit of Christmas quizzes, we’ll let you guess to see what came from which camera (answers revealed by clicking on the images or at the end).




photos taken using SONY, GoPro, Canon, Kaiser Baas

videos taken using SONY, Canon, Kaiser Baas, GoPro

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