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Kaiser Baas X150 Action Cam, road tested and reviewed, available from Harvey Norman, Dublin.

Pictures taken with the Kaiser Bass x150. We were impressed with the quality of the colours it is able to capture, and on the videos we have taken the images look really sharp and vivid, even in overcast conditions.

20151219_122213 (1)

We took the Kaiser Baas out to see how it would do in brighter light conditions. It does seem to capture a decent range of colours, though you can see from the little blur on the right of the first picture that you have to be careful to keep fingers out of the way. There was a good sunset and it wasn’t really possible to capture the subtleties of what was going on with the rays of the sun.


With the video, the quality looks great, really good. The sample one we’ve included is a bit shaky, handheld doesn’t really work, but it does capture good quality images. The one thing, across a series of videos we took, was that while the visual quality is really good, when used within it’s casing, it drastically muffles the audio quality. This is unfortunate, maybe there is a setting to change that.

The sticker for mounting onto things (you peel it off the base) didn’t inspire us. The area we planned to stick it onto was slightly wet, and the intended mounting sticker gave up the ghost and slid straight off the car bonnet where we had intended to mount it. This would leave you a little concerned if you were planning to mount it onto your kayak / surfboard / wind surfing rig etc.


Battery time doesn’t seem to be super long, and we had to recharge it again at the end of each session of using it. Using video naturally seemed to run it down quicker too. It does come with two batteries, so if you had a water / weather proof pouch then you could have the second one to hand to ensure you capture more footage before it runs out.

There are a lot of good aspects to this camera and if it fits the range of activities you were planning to use it for then it could be a really good buy – you just might need to carefully consider what it is you are planning to use it for. Overall though we liked it, found it relatively easy to work out how to use, and were happy with lots of the colours and textures it was able to capture.

Kaiser Baas equipment supplied for review by Harvey Norman, Dublin. 

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