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Irish Tech News trialed the SONY AS200V Action Cam in Irish weather conditions. Overall it is a great camera to use for sporting activities, and the range of ways in which it can be used will inspire you to come up with lots of different ways to capture cool footage.


Overall it is a good addition to your sporting accessories collection. After an initial slightly uphill learning curve, once we had it all figured out it was easy to use, and simple to switch between stills and video. We found it fun to use, and it quickly inspired our creativity to come up with new ways to trial it to capture new types of action footage. We used it on a bike, a kayak and a Landrover.

cave mouth

For more stills footage see here

The camera works well. The audio quality is good, and, as long as you keep checking to make sure that the angle has not shifted, the images it returns are good too. The usability of starting and stopping footage is good too with the wrist remote control making it safer to use while in the middle of cycling / paddling / driving.

The camera didn’t come with a memory card, this seems to be a slight misstep as it means the equipment is not ready to go from the moment you open the device. The remote device is also designed for a right-handed user (who would normally wear it on their left hand, like a watch). When a left handed user puts it on to their right hand it digs into to arm below the wrist, rather than hanging freely outward towards the hand as it would for a right handed user. It would be great if there was a way to avoid this discomfort for those 20% of lefties.


For more examples of the camera used on a kayak and bike see here 

This camera is splash proof, with a range of down to 5 metres underwater before it needs a different casing to protect it. It would be good to extend this range so that it could be confidently taken out snorkling on deeper dives. The range of fittings available for the camera do mean that your imagination is the limit in terms of the different ways it can be used. It is also tough and robust, so if it were dropped it is unlikely to break and should continue filming too.

Action cameras are evolving rapidly and this model demonstrates how far SONY have come already.

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