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Review of the Canon D30 Powershot, for more details regarding specifications see here

This camera grew on us. It has an impressive zoom, it works underwater, doesn’t mind the splashes and takes pretty good pictures. The more we used it, the more we knew what it could do, and what to work around. The thin cord for holding the camera was a concern while out in the kayaks, in case the camera was dropped.

Trialing camera for first time at Sligo Surf Summit

The D30 Powershot is compact enough to go almost anywhere, and certainly in your pocket. It would be great for snorkling, as long as you had a pocket or place to store it, as it wouldn’t work to swim with it dangling from your wrist.

Using the camera underwater for the first time

It is light, so it does give you the opportunity to use it in (wetter) situations where you might think twice to bring the DSLR or even a smartphone.

Using the video aspect was tricky from the side of a rocking kayak. It’s great that you can even get a camera into this type of locations, but it will be even better when there it is possible to film without using both hands quite so much. We managed to get some footage but it wasn’t easy!

Overall this is an ideal camera for taking to the beach, or going on a longer hike where you don’t want to be carrying more weight than you need to. The battery power was fine, and we had an 8gb memory card which was plenty for any one day’s activities.

This could be a handy stocking filler for Christmas, robust enough to be used by the kids. It would ensure you got good pictures, better than from your smartphone without the risk of of a smart phone being dropped and broken. For more extreme adventurous activities it would probably be good if Canon developed a more gopro like device, as we nearly capsized a couple of times trying to put the paddle down to take out the camera to take pictures in anything more than calm seas. Still it was good fun to use and would be a good addition to your summer beach bag.

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