Dublin-based Mobile Analytics and Engagement start-up, Xtremepush, today launches an innovative Web Push Notifications solution, making it the first company in Europe to provide Web Push and the first mobile marketing automation platform to unite all digital channels in an end-to-end mobile engagement and analytics platform.

Up until now, it has been difficult for brands to build a meaningful relationship with customers via their websites as they lack the engaging capabilities of native apps. The arrival of Web Push Notifications changes this completely as they enable brands and marketers to deliver personalised push notifications to consumers via Mobile and Desktop websites, making them look and feel like regular app updates.

Web push and browser notification have been touted as game changers as they enable a host of new experiences from real-time communication to live updates on breaking news. Contextually relevant notifications can be created and delivered to each user at the ideal time of day in order to encourage them back to the relevant website.

Speaking about the significance of this European first, Tommy Kearns, CEO of Xtremepush, said: “Web Push is in its infancy but it is going to revolutionise engagement on both mobile and desktop. We are really excited to be at the cutting edge of this innovative technology and the first to provide it in Europe. Integrating this into our existing platform gives our customers an unparalleled advantage in the global marketplace.”

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