The dream of every small business owner is to see their business grow into a big business. Here’s how you can accomplish this.

As a small business owner, you’re probably dreaming of the day when your business grows into a big business. You’re not alone here, but the problem is that most people don’t have a clue how to make this dream come true. Fortunately for you, there are some tips that you can heed to make this come true for yourself.

Brand Recognition will not be Immediately

Rome wasn’t built in a day so you shouldn’t expect your business’ brand to be built that quickly either. Anything worth doing or having will take your time. It’s important for you to recognize this time. After all, brand building is a process that incurs many parts – starting with the ground floor and working your way up. Being able to clearly identify your mission and your target audience throughout this process is important. From there you can use your words to organize and create mental images that represent what you want your brand to be.

Align Branding Efforts

Not only is your company brand important, but so is your personal brand. There are many reasons why you should take the time to build this brand, including:

?    It’ll help your business stand out from your competition while also growing your customer base.

?    You’ll be able to offer products at premium costs that small brands simply can’t justify.

?    When people can easily recognize your company’s logo when they see it in the subway or somewhere online, you’ll feel like your marketing and advertising efforts are gaining support.

?    You’ll have the opportunity to connect with your customers emotionally. Once this happens, they’ll show you how much they care about you by freely offering word of mouth advertising on your behalf.

National Funding says that if you want your small business to enjoy these benefits you must make sure that all your brand’s client-facing aspects are both aligned and consistent. Sometimes you may even want to go so far as to consider undertaking a remodelling project. This will help unify your store or your office with your branding efforts. It can be as simple as painting a few walls the same colour that you’ve used in your logo or as extravagant as incorporating some part of your logo into your space’s design. Regardless of what you choose to do here, this is a great way to link your company’s physical space to the mental image that your clients have of you. Doing so will create a holistic approach to your entire business that places your small business at the top of their mind.

Be Flexible

You shouldn’t expect the brand you build to remain the same as the one you originally set out to build. Time changes things. All it takes is a few small adjustments to captivate your audience’s attention, which is good – most of the time. You can probably safely assume that capturing their attention will result in a response, which is a sign that your branding efforts really are starting to work. Ultimately, this will result in your brand resonating with your consumers in a different way than you’d expected. This is something you should always be aware of and prepared for.

Include Energy-Efficiency Features

As a small business owner, it makes sense for you to do everything you can to trim your overhead costs so you can boost your profit margins. One area that many owners are suggesting you pay attention to here is your business’ energy consumption, especially if you plan on making any renovations to your property soon.

Energy Star reminds us that energy’s cost has been rising and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future at least. They suggest the best way to combat these increasing costs is to find ways you can cut your energy usage. By being proactive in this way you can stop your energy consumption from growing and maintain or lower your utility bills. Some of the features that will help you with this include double-pane windows, automatic bathroom faucets, and programmable thermostats. Some companies have found that simply incorporating these features into their renovation has lowered their annual energy costs by a substantial amount of money.

Increase the Productivity of Workspace

When you undertake a small business renovation project, the experts will tell you that this is also a great time to re-evaluate the floor plan you’ve probably grown quite accustomed to using over the years. While you may feel comfortable with it, if you look closely you may find that there are some departments or employees who’d greatly benefit from working in closer proximity to each other. Maximizing your workspace’s efficiency by providing seminars and workshops with the help of conference speakers and this will also help to boost your company’s productivity level. When this also includes creating a sleek environment, you’ll find that you can use this as a selling point when you’re looking to onboard new employees. This may surprise you, but even the smallest incentive can honestly make a huge difference when you’re in fierce competition for the top prospects in your niche.

Be Honest with Your Customers

Taking a conservative approach won’t help you create a strong brand. You also can’t stand around worrying about what others might think about what you’re doing. If you don’t dare to take some chances, you’re bound to simply create yet another brand that’s not any different from the other brands that are already in business today. Since you don’t want to do this, follow your instincts as they show you how to portray a brand that you truly believe in. Always keep this thought in the forefront of your mind as you work on your branding efforts.

Use Marketing Tactics 

Young Upstarts says beyond taking care of everything in the house, you must also look at how you treat your customers as this is also a part of your brand. In fact, surveys suggest that customer service is the single biggest opportunity you have available to you when it comes to marketing. This is something you should really pause to think about since marketing affects branding. For instance, do you know why most people don’t trust or show interest in brands that they’re not currently using? It’s because they want to buy their products and services from brands that care about them and the biggest way to demonstrate this is by delivering top-notch customer service.

When you’re ready to create a strong brand for your business, take the time to make sure you’re showing all your customers that you truly do care about them. The easiest way to do this is to provide them with numerous ways in which they can connect with you (e.g. email, a toll-free telephone number, social media). After all, the happier your customers are, the stronger your brand will be.


Owning a small business is a lot of work. This is also true of big businesses today. So, even when you’ve accomplished your dream and seen your business’ growth transformed, you still have work to do – it’s just on a different level. Now that you’ve truly committed to your business though, this shouldn’t bother you at all. You’ve shown that the sky truly is the limit for you so take these tips, apply them, then find some new tips to help spur your growth even further.


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