By @SimonCocking. Catch up on 19 great pieces by a range of our contributors that you may have missed. Lots of quality, varied pieces. If you have any ideas for pieces you’d like to see featured drop us a line. Thanks and enjoy reading.

Cork’s Technology Network (CEIA) supporting and inspiring future tech entrepreneurs and innovators

The benefits of photogrammetry explained by CapturingAWorld’s David Kelly

Never be afraid, especially in Galway, to ask for help. Startup advice from Tara Dalrymple, Superpixel Labs

Bitcoin and Blockchain. Joining the Digital Dots, Reuben Godfrey interviews bitcoin expert Dr Paul Ennis

Urban Farming inspiration by Andrew Douglas, speaking at Dutch Embassy, Dublin


Science fiction classics with the Science Gallery and the IFI

Sisu => extraordinary determinaton. The Hidden Driver of A Strong Mind by Terence Mauri

Irish success at SXSW, reviewed by Barry O’Dowd, IDA

Password Stealing Virus Targets Mobile Banking App users of Australia’s big four banks – Is mobile banking really safe?

VR and AR industries expected to hit $80 billion in the next 5 years. James Dearsley, speaking at AV/VR Innovate

Data Protection, what SaaS companies need to know, by Shane Brett

Jake Knapp, Google Ventures interviewed, author of Sprint: How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just 5 days

Become part of Kevin Kelly’s Technium, by Ron Immink

Storytelling: A Strategy to build your brand, by Bryan Adams

Why AR and VR is relevant to your audience. Dean Johnson, Head of Innovation, Brandwidth, keynote speaker AR/VR Innovate, April 28th

There has never been a more exciting time to be in banking, Bryan Clagett, Geezeo and FinTech Mafia thought leader

Fintech will never disappear, only some fintech startups will disappear. Spiros Margaris, FinTech and AI influencer

Augmented Reality has a market potential three times that of Virtual Reality. Leigh Davidson, Cimagine, speaking at AR/VR Innovate


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