By @SimonCocking. Great interview with AR/VR thought leader Dean Johnson Head of Innovation @HelloBrandwidth@csdminerva who will be keynote speaker at the upcoming AR/VR Innovate event in Dublin.

What’s your background briefly?

I’m the Head of Innovation, at Brandwidth. We build partnerships with the most innovative startups to global organisations to deliver creative new platforms, products and solutions for Brandwidth’s incredible clients. I’m also a seasoned presenter, TEDx Speaker and host, writer and designer and a Fellow and former Vice President of the Chartered Society of Designers, a 2014 Shorty Awards Finalist, Mentor for the British Fashion Council and BBC tech pundit.

My career in design, technology, marketing and publishing spans 30 years at large and small creative agencies, with time spent client-side and running my own businesses. This broad industry experience combines to deliver a unique understanding of client requirements and how to communicate with many relevant audiences.

I enjoy spotting trends and discovers rare creative opportunities before they hit the mainstream, placing clients on the right platform, with the right content at the right time.

What inspired you to speak at this event?

A unique combination of AR, VR and marketing. It’s important the focus isn’t all on film and gaming but also highlights the immersive marketing opportunity AR and VR represent. I also heard Don Levy was giving the keynote and as we’ve known each other since meeting in Athens where we both gave a TEDx talk in 2014, I jumped at the chance to join forces again.

Why it will be helpful for people to attend. What will they get out of it?

AR and VR – what it is and why it’s relevant to your audience. How to get your content in their hands and deliver meaningful results. Why you should be excited about this platform and how to share that excitement with clients and consumers.

What should Dublin (and Irish) AV/VR companies be doing to be successful?

Start with the basics. The assumption within the AR and VR community is that everyone knows what we’re talking about. The truth is, very few people have first-hand experience so work together to promote the potential. Focus on quality rather than quantity, R&D and pushing boundaries.

Who has inspired you?

Steve Jobs and now Elon Musk provide great creative benchmarks, Steve may no longer be with us, but I apply his standards to everything I do, taking his ability to deliver unexpected turns in the road as a way of surprising and delighting an audience. I miss the old ‘one more thing’ so try to keep that thought alive. Elon Musk is a CEO that continues to push the limits. A global leader in the automotive EV marketplace AND space pioneer? Who say’s you can’t still shoot for the moon, or Mars!

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked you?

Not everyone needs AR or VR, so learn to identify the potential in the right areas. Be prepared to start a conversation about these alternate realities but know when to recommend and deliver the right solution, not merely the most exciting.

What headset should you develop for? Work to the highest possible quality (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Playstation VR) but be prepared to deliver to the widest audience – Google Cardboard and Gear VR. Also look to the next generation of AR from Meta, ODG and Magic Leap. The new Sulon Q delivers the best of both worlds, combining AR AND VR. These are exciting times, but you can never have too much information or first-hand experience.

Where can people see / listen / read more about you?

The business:
The personal commentary:
The irreverent social input (Twitter): @activrightbrain
VRUK keynote:

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